Course Structure

MFS-101 Advanced Silviculture
MFS-102 Forest Biometric
MFS-103 Tree Breeding
MFS-104 Forest Protection
MFS-105 Tree Physiology
Practical I Lab Course I (Based On Paper I & II)
Practical II Lab Course II (Based On Paper III & IV)

MFS-201 Wood based Industries
MFS-202 Wildlife Management
MFS-203 Afforest ration and Agro forestry in Watershed areas
MFS-204 Advanced Forest Ecology, Biodiversity and Conservation
MFS-205 Forest Resource Management and Economics
MFS-206 Lab Course I (Based On Paper I & II)
MFS-207 Lab Course II (Based On Paper III , IV & V)

MFS-301 Medicinal and Aromatic Plants:
(a)-Principles of Breeding of Medicinal Herbs
( b)-Processing of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
-Cultivation of Commercially Important Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
(Choose any One)
MFS-302 Plantation Technology:
(a)-Seed Collection, storage and testing
(b)-Modern Nursery Production
-Vegetative Propagation Techniques
(Choose any One)
MFS-303 Watershed management:
(a)-Watershed Concept, Project formulation and Planning
(b)-Watershed Survey, Mapping and Structural Engineering Design
-Watershed Hydrology and Resource Conservation
(Choose any One)
MFS-304 4. Environmental management/ Forest Biotechnology
(a)-Seed production and quality control
(b)-Introduction to forest biotechnology
-Environmental Impact Assessment
(d)-Natural Resource Management
(Choose any One)
MFS-305 Remote Sensing and GIS
MFS-306 Lab Course I (Based On Paper I & II )
MFS-307 Lab Course II (Based On Paper III & IV )

MFS-301 Statistics
MFS-302 Research Methodology
MFS-303 Dissertation /Attachment with Industry,
MFS-304 Dissertation/ Attachment with Industry,
MFS-305 Lab Course I (Based On Paper I & II
MFS-306 Dissertation/ Attachment with Industry,