Course Structure

SLS/BOT/C001 Mycology and Microbiology
SLS/BOT/C002 Phycology and Bryology
SLS/BOT/C003 Pteridology, Gymnosperm and Palaeobotany
SLS/BOT/C004 Taxonomy and Diversity of Flowering Plants
SLS/BOT/C005 Laboratory Course I
SLS/BOT/C006 Laboratory Course II

SLS/BOT/C007 Plant Development and Reproductive Biology
SLS/BOT/C008 Resource Utilization, IPR and Ethnobotany
SLS/BOT/C009 Cytogenetics and Molecular Biology
SLS/BOT/C010 Plant Breeding and Biostatistics
SLS/BOT/C011 Laboratory Course I
SLS/BOT/C012 Laboratory Course II

SLS/BOT/C013 Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
SLS/BOT/C014 Ecology and Remote Sensing
SLS/BOT/C015 Laboratory Course I

SLS/BOT/E001A Recombinant DNA Technology
SLS/BOT/E001B Forest Ecology
SLS/BOT/E001C Natural Resource Management in Himalaya
SLS/BOT/E001D Palynology and Pollination Biology
SLS/BOT/E001E Any other elective course offered by other department
SLS/BOT/E002A Plant Health Management
SLS/BOT/E002B Diversity and Cultivation of Mushrooms
SLS/BOT/E002C Applied Plant Anatomy
SLS/BOT/E002D Ecosystem Analysis, GIS and Remote Sensing
SLS/BOT/E002E Any other elective course offered by other department
SLS/BOT/E003 Laboratory Course II
SLS/BOT/C016 Conservation Biology
SLS/BOT/C017 Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering of Plants and Microbes
SLS/BOT/C018 Laboratory Course I
SLS/BOT/E004 Dissertation
Dissertation/ Project Work
Anatomy of Himalayan woods
Chromosome Analysis and Indexing of Himalayan Flora
Conservation of endangered species
Environment Impact Assessment
High altitude Ecology and Climate Change
Invasion Ecology
Inventorization of unexplored Areas and Hotspots
Plant Biodiversity Assessment
Pollution Monitoring
Population/weed/ Reproductive Biology
Survey of Less known Economic Plants
Any other current trends / topics suggested by the Departmental committee