MBA in Marketing:
“MBA in Marketing Management is the subject of sales & services, promotions, advertising and consumer behavior study”.
Doing a specialization in Marketing has its own set of advantages, other than, of course preparing you for the real job! Some of them are:
1. No particular bachelors degree is required; you could be a graduate from any stream : science, arts, commerce or any other.
2. Virtually every sector and industry requires marketers. So you have many different industries to choose from. Other MBA specializations don't have that plethora of options to choose from. Other than the traditional sectors like FMCG, consumer durable, information technology, automobiles etc. that offer various level marketing jobs, industries like education, tourism, real-estate, financial services etc. are all out to attract outstanding marketers.
3. The career path for a marketing professional is unlike any other. Opportunities to grow are endless. Many CEOs around the world hold an MBA in marketing.
4. If you like travelling and meeting new people, an MBA is marketing is your best bet.
Specialization in marketing management works as a launch pad for fresher. There are various companies looking for talent to market and sell their product and what better place than a B-school to look for them. Many reputed companies visit these schools to offer jobs to qualified and trained students.

An MBA in Marketing teaches you:
* Communication
* Presentation
* Market Research and analysis
* Past, present and future scenario of various industries
* On the job training
* International exposure
* Selling
* Product design
* Pricing
* Advertising

MBA in Marketing: Career Opportunities
The students, who have done the MBA in marketing, have a lot of job opportunities in government and the private sector.
You can be part of direct marketing or digital marketing. By the growing technology in the world the concept of marketing is not limited to the door to door sales. It has a wide variety of technologies.
You can do the marketing by the social media, pay-per-click, web designing, search engine optimization, search media optimization and articles.
You can play the role of following positions in an industry:
* Marketing Manage8r
* Brand manager
* Asset Management
* Corporate sales
* Market Research Analyst
* Sales Manager
* Media Planner
* Product Manager
* Head of Digital Marketing