MBA in International Business:

MBA in International Business programs prepare students for a management, trade or general business career that can be conducted on a global scale. These programs typically offer internship opportunities through established companies which allow students to gain hands-on experience in international business. Standard prerequisites for this degree program include a bachelor's degree from a U.S. institution or a similar degree from a foreign institution.
“The International Business focuses on the understanding of the behavior and planning of international operations”.

MBA in International Business : Career Opportunities
A student having the degree in international business can be a part of private and government sectors. This specialization provides the great opportunity to work in a global market and across the world.
The MBA in IB person can join the international market department of the companies, international placement offices, import and export departments of companies, global shipping companies, global tourism sector, international consultancy firms and international logistics & courier companies.
* Administrative service managers can provide international companies assistance with efficient operation and services. These workers often oversee the centralized operation of multiple areas within the company like mailing, scheduling, distribution and data processing. An administrative service manager can improve his or her company with strategies that include examining energy saving techniques or transportation costs.
* Chief executive officers with international business experience can work and manage overseas companies. CEOs who work in the United States can be expected to do business with oversea companies, making international business knowledge valuable. Working alongside other top executives, CEOs help establish and choose a company's policies and goals.

Job title & career prospective are:
* Export managers and executives
* International business consultant
* Consultant
* International Business Development Manager
* International Marketing Manager
* International Finance Manager
* Global Business Manager
* Export coordinator
* Account Manager
* Brand Manager
* Management Consultant
* Marketing Manager
* Project Managers
* Material Manager
* Supplier Manager
* Investment Banking Manager