MBA in Finance-
MBA in Finance is one of the most sought after specializations in India and in the whole world. As an MBA in Finance allows students to be skilled in Mathematics, Financial Management, Economics, Complex Case Solving Ability and many more. No other specialization can give students so much of dynamism than Finance gives, thus every student who has a keen nature to solve complex problems from the heap of mixed and mingled wires of business challenges, is perfect fit for Finance specialization.
“Finance as a subject involves the management, control and review of the collection, investment and resources of money as a capital required for an industrial building, plant and working”.

MBA in Finance : Career Opportunities
Careers in financial management can vary from business to business, but financial management careers typically include asset management, corporate finance, investment banking, sales and trading, personal finance and insurance.
* A financial advisor, advises individuals and corporations on how to invest their money wisely. Their duties include meeting with clients, managing investment accounts and researching other investment portfolios and opportunities.
* A financial analyst often necessitates close contact with the stock market - analyzing stocks and investments, looking for optimal times to invest and the best stocks in which to invest. This also means meeting with companies or individuals to go through their wants and needs in order to lay out an investment strategy for them.
* Financial planners help individuals and companies to plan their financial futures through budgets and financial goal setting, working with financial advisors, investment managers and mutual fund companies.
* Finance officers have wide-ranging job duties that depend almost completely on who they work for. Most work for banks, finance companies and credit unions, or other companies that deal almost exclusively with money. Duties and titles range from president, CFO and vice president to loan officer, controller and securities trader.
* Investment bankers work with their companies or clients to build strong stock and bond portfolios in order to help make their company’s or client’s securities grow. While investment banking is known for its long hours and rigorous, competitive workload.