Course Structure

* Paper-I Philosophical Foundation of Education SOE-MAE:C101
* Paper-II. Psychological Foundation of Education. SOE-MAE:C102
* Paper-III. Sociological Foundation of Education. SOE-MAE:C103
* Paper-IV. Methodology of Education Research. SOE-MAE:C104
* Paper-V. Basic concept of Experimental methods. SOE-MAE:C105
* Paper-VI. Practicum- Experiments and Tests SOE-MAE:C106

* Paper-VII. Educational Statistics. SOE-MAE:C107
* Paper-VIII Principles and Methods of Comparative Education. SOE-MAE:C108
* Paper-IX. Teacher Education. SOE-MAE:C109
* Paper-X. Education and Technology. SOE-MAE:C110
* Paper-XI. Management in Education and allied activities. SOE-MAE:C111
* Paper-XII. Practicum- Experiments and Tests. SOE-MAE:C112

* Paper-XIII. Psychological Testing. SOE-MAE:C113
* Paper-XIV. Environmental Education I. SOE-MAE:C114
* Paper-XV. Special Education I SOE-MAE:C115
* Paper-XVI. Practicum- Experiments and Tests SOE-MAE:C116

Elective course - Any Two of the following
* Paper-XVII. Educational Administration. SOE-MAE:E117
* Paper-XVIII. Clinical and Social Psychology. SOE-MAE:E118
* Paper-XIX. Intelligence, Creativity and Education SOE-MAE:E119

Qualifying Compulsory Self-Study Course- Any one of the following-
* Paper-XX(a). Value Education. SOE-MAE:E120(a)
* Paper-XX(b). Yoga Education. SOE-MAE:E120(b)
* Paper-XX(c). Current Problems and Woman Empowerment SOE-MAE:E120(c)

* Paper –XXI. Resources and Environment -II SOE-MAE:C121
* Paper –XXII. Practices in Educational Technology SOE-MAE:C122
* Paper –XXIII Special Education II- Backward, Deprived and Gifted Children SOE-MAE:C123
* Paper –XXIV. Writing Research Report and Viva-Voce. SOE-MAE:C124

Elective course - Any Two of the following
* Paper –XXV. Western and Indian Educational Philosophers and thinkers. SOE-MAE:E125
* Paper –XXVI. Psychology of Personality. SOE-MAE:E126
* Paper –XXVII. Philosophy of Social work. SOE-MAE:E127