Fee Structure
The fee structure for 2 year is as follows:-
Details IInd Year IIIrd Year
Form Rs. 500/- NA
Registration Fee Rs. 3000/- NA
Campus Fee Rs. 6500/- NA NA
Other Charges (Uniform, Lab practical, Seminar etc.) Rs. 8500/- NA
Tuition Fee Rs. 35,000/- Rs. 35,000/-
Library Rs. 3000/- Rs. 3000/-
Other Charges (ID card/Marathon/SMS etc.) Rs. 940/- NA NA
Medical Charges Rs. 800/- Rs. 800/-
University Exam Fee As per the University Norms
Total Rs.58240/- Rs.38800/-

In-house Residential Accommodation Charges (Note: Hostel charges is per year which includes Vegetarian/ Non-Vegetarian Food)
Hostel Enrollment Fee : Rs.3000/- (To be paid Once)
Hostel Furnishing Fee : Rs.3000/- (To be paid Once)
Hostel Security :Rs.3000/- (To be paid Once)
Laundry Charges : Rs.4800/- per Year ( Rs.400/- per month)