Course Structure

First Semester
* SOM/BHM/DSC-101 -Theory :Food Production Foundation -I
* SOM/BHM/DSC-101 -Practical : Food Production Foundation -I
* SOM/BHM/DSC-102 -Theory :Food & Beverage Service Foundation -I
* SOM/BHM/DSC-102 -Practical :Food & Beverage Service Foundation -I
* SOM/BHM/DSC-103 -Theory :Accommodation & Front Office Foundation -I
* SOM/BHM/DSC-103 -Practical : Accommodation & Front Office Foundation -I
* SOM/BHM/AECC-I -104 :Environmental Science

Second Semester
* SOM/BHM/DSC-201 -Theory :Food Production Foundation -II
* SOM/BHM/DSC-201 -Practical : Food Production Foundation -II
* SOM/BHM/DSC-202 -Theory :Food & Beverage Service Foundation -II
* SOM/BHM/DSC-202 -Practical : Food & Beverage Service Foundation -II
* SOM/BHM/DSC-203 -Theory :Accommodation & Front Office Foundation -II
* SOM/BHM/DSC-203 -Practical: Accommodation & Front Office Foundation -II
* SOM/BHM/AECC-II - 204 : English/MIL Communication

Third Semester
* SOM/BHM/DSC-301 -Practical :Food Production Operations - Industry Exposure -1
* SOM/BHM/DSC-302 -Practical : Food & Beverage Service Operations -Industry Exposure -1
* SOM/BHM/DSC-303 -Practical: Accommodation and Front Office Operations- Industry Exposure -1
* SOM/BHM/SEC-I - 304-Practical :Personality Skills for Hospitality -Learning from Industry

Fourth Semester
* SOM/BHM/DSC-401-Theory :Introduction to Indian Cookery
* SOM/BHM/DSC-401-Practical :Introduction to Indian Cookery
* SOM/BHM/DSC-402 -Theory :Food & Beverage Service Operations -II
* SOM/BHM/DSC-402 -Practical :Food & Beverage Service Operations -II
* SOM/BHM/DSC-403 -Theory :Accommodation & Front Office Operations -II
* SOM/BHM/DSC-403 - Practical :Accommodation & Front Office Operations -II
* SOM/BHM/SEC-II - 404 -Theory :Accounting Skills for Hospitality

Fifth Semester
* SOM/BHM/SEC-III -501 :Foreign Language Skills -I (French)
* SOM/BHM/DSE-502 A :Regional Cuisines of India -I
Theory C :Food & Beverage Service Management -I
(choose any one) E :Accommodation Management-I
* SOM/BHM/DSE-502 A :Regional Cuisines of India -I
Practical C :Food & Beverage Service Management -I
(of theory paper) E :Accommodation Management-I
* SOM/BHM/DSE-503 :Researching for Hospitality & Tourism Management
* SOM/BHM/DSE-504 :Hospitality Laws

Sixth Semester
* SOM/BHM/SEC-IV -601 :Foreign Language Skills -II (French)
* SOM/BHM/DSE-602 B :Regional Cuisines of India -II
Theory ** D :Food & Beverage Service Management -II
F :Accommodation Management-II
* SOM/BHM/DSE-602 B :Regional Cuisines of India -II
Practical ** D :Food & Beverage Service Management -II
(of Theory paper) F :Accommodation Management-II
* SOM/BHM/DSE-603 :Project Work
* SOM/BHM/DSE-604 :Hospitality Marketing

Seventh Semester
* SOM/BHM/SEC-V -701 A :Skill enhancement for Media & Journalism in Hospitality
Practical B :Application of Computers in Hospitality & Tourism
Practical C :Web Applications in Hospitality & Tourism
* SOM/BHM/DSE- 702 Theory :Human Resource Management
* SOM/BHM/DSE-703 :Safety, Security and Travel Documentation
* SOM/BHM/DSE-704 A/B/C/D/E/F :Select Anyone From A To F

Eight Semester
* SOM/BHM/SEC-VI -801 A : Writing Skills for Hospitality (Writing of Industrial Reports)
Practical B :Hospitality Operation Software Skills
C Trade Presentation Skills
* SOM/BHM/DSE-802 Practical :Human Resource Practices (Industry Exposure)
* SOM/BHM/DSE-803 Practical :Safety, Security and Travel Documentation Facilitation
:Management Practices (Industry Exposure)
* SOM/BHM/DSE-804 *A/B/C/D/E/F :Select Anyone from A to F (Industry Exposure)
Note * For SOM/BHM/DSE-804 students have to select the same paper for industry exposure as selected for theory in 7th semester.