Course Structure

First Semester
• BC-101 Environmental Studies
• BC-102 Financial Accounting
• BC-103 Business Organization and Management
• BC-104 English Language

Second Semester
• BC-201 Language: English/Hindi/Modern Indian Language
• BC-202 Business Law
• BC-203 Business Statistics
• BC-204 Hindi/Modern Indian Language

Third Semester
• BC-301 Company Law
• BC-302 Income Tax Law and Practice
• BC-303 Hindi/Modern Indian Language
• BC-304 Computer Applications in Business

Fourth Semester
• BC-401 Business Communication Language
• BC-402 Corporate Accounting
• BC-403 Cost Accounting
• BC-404 E-Commerce

Fifth Semester
• BC-501 Any one of the following
• Human Resource Management
• Principles of Marketing
• Discipline –Specific Elective (DSE)-1
 Computerized Accounting System
 Practical
• BC-502 Any one of the following
• Fundamentals of Financial Management
• Indirect Tax Law
• Discipline- Specific Elective (DSE)-2
• BC-503 Principles of Micro Economics
• Generic Elective (GE)-1
• BC-504 Entrepreneurship

Sixth Semester
• BC-601 Any one of the following
• Corporate Tax Planning
• Banking and Insurance
• Fundamentals of Investment
• Auditing and Corporate Governance
• BC-602 Any one of the following
• International Business
• Office Management and Secretarial Practice
• Management Accounting
• Consumer Protection
• BC-603 Indian Economy
• BC-604 Seminar and Comprehensive Viva-Voce