Course Structure

First Semester
Core Course C-1 Introduction to Journalism , Practical
Core Course C-2 Introduction to Media and Communication, Practical
AECC English/ MIL Communication
GE - 1 Print Journalism and Production

Second Semester
Core Course C - 3 Reporting and Editing for Print, Practical
Core Course C - 4 Media and Cultural Study, Tutorial
AECC Environmental Science
GE - 2 Photography, Practical

Third Semester
Core Course C - 5 Introduction to Broadcast Media
Core Course C - 6 History of the Media, Tutorial
Core Course C - 7 Advertising and Public Relations, Practical
SEC - 1 Radio Production
GE - 3 Film Appreciation, Practical

Fourth Semester
Core Course C - 8 Introduction to New Media, Practical
Core Course C - 9 Development Communication, Tutorial
Core Course C - 10 Media Ethics and the Law
Sec - 2 Documentary Production
Ge-4 Multimedia Journalism, Practical

Fifth Semester
Core Course C - 11 Global Media and Politics, Tutorial
Core Course C - 12 Advanced Broadcast Media, Practical
DSE : Any two of the followings
DSE - 1 Media Industry and Management - I, Tutorial
Media Industry and Management - II
DSE - 2 Photography, Practical
DSE - 3 Media Gender and Human Rights, Tutorial

Sixth Semester
Core Course C - 13 Advanced New Media, Practical
Core Course C - 14 Communication Research and Methods, Practical
DSE : Any two of the following
DSE-4 Introduction to Film Studies, Tutorial
DSE-5 Development Journalism, Tutorial
DSE-6 Dissertation, Tutorial