04 Feb 2021

Reasons to Enter the Hotel Industry Through Hotel Management Institute in Dehradun

Students may not realize this when they take admission in a college but they do understand when they pass out that along with a college’s facilities, its environment is also important. This is where hotel management graduates from reputed institutes stand in better stead than others. They get to learn professional skills to prepare them for working in hotels and also appreciate good quality food. Certain skills such as housekeeping and cooking, learnt at the hotel management institute in Dehradun, are beneficial not just for the industry but for life as well.

Theory v/s Practical

There are many students who realize throughout school that they are able to understand concepts better during practical classes than theory. For such students, it is always beneficial to attend courses such as Hotel Management where a lot of importance is given to practical classes. Students learn skills in departments such as Food and Beverage Service, Food and Beverage Production, and Accommodation Operations through practice. The job of experienced faculty members at the top hotel management institute in Dehradun is to explain the concepts and motivate the students to learn through practical classes. It is for the same reason that every hotel management institute offers at least a single internship at a top hotel.

No longer a Diploma

Today hotel management is a 4-year course in India across reputed colleges that are able to offer jobs to students as soon as they graduate. Even during the course, students get to work in the top hotels and get trained by experts in various departments. Earlier it used to be a Diploma course after which the students had to put in an extra year to get a complete degree, but not anymore.

The hotel industry is a sunrise industry

No matter how business grows or falls around the world, people will never stop travelling and eating outside. People travel both for business and leisure purposes, due to which hotels are being set up in several places. Many places which were previously left ignored by people due to difficult terrains or any other reason now have hotels, a classic example being Ladakh. This has resulted in an increased demand for skilled professionals in this field. The hours may be crazy at times, but there probably isn’t an industry which does not face similar situations in today’s times.

Colleges are responsible for grooming students

Grooming students is a part of the teaching curriculum. For starters, the students are made to wear formals when they come to college, to get into the habit of formal dressing at the hotel. The importance of shaving is explained to students and they are told to shave every day in order to attend practical classes. Similarly, women are told to tie their hair in buns and not keep it loose. The students are taught the importance of time when they are not allowed to enter class if they arrive even a few seconds late.Hotel Management is one of the few courses that allows students to follow their passions.



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