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  • Awarded Centre of Excellence. Source- All India Technical And Management Council.
  • Awarded Most Popular Academic Institution of North India. Source- Entrepreneurship And Skill Development Association.
  • Awarded Best Technical & Professional College in Uttarakhand (North India). Source- Royal Brands Pvt Ltd.
  • Awarded Top Hotel Management Institute In India. Source- Competition Success Review.
  • Awarded Best Academic Leadership Award in IT And Management Education. Source- All India Technical And Management Council.
  • Awarded Best Life Science College In Uttarakhand. Source- Times Research.
  • Awarded Best Leading Management And Technical Institution. Source- Entrepreneurship And Skill development Association.
  • Awarded Best Contribution in Value Education. Source-ECONS.
  • Awarded Best B-school & Mass Comm. College in North India. Source- Brand Achiever.
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M.Sc. Horticulture : Master of Science in Horticulture

M.Sc. Horticulture is a two year regular degree program affiliated to HNB Garhwal Central Government University. Horticulture is the science of cultivating plants. Horticulture is the mainstream of agriculture. It is an applied science dealing with fruits, vegetables and ornamental flowers. It is an extremely diversified field with nearly unlimited career opportunities in a variety of job settings. Horticulture is a vast subject in the field of agriculture and it is divided in three major branches :
Floriculturist: Floriculture is a branch of Horticulture, which deals with the study of growing and marketing of flowers and foliage plants. Floriculture includes cultivation of flowering and ornamental plants for sale or for use as raw material in cosmetic and perfume industry or in the pharmaceutical sector. The persons associated with this field are called floriculturists. Floriculturists are specialized in planning and designs of exterior/interior landscapes for parks, recreational areas, campuses, industrial sites, institutional grounds, shopping malls, and other large projects. Generally florists have a sound knowledge of growing cut flowers, bedding plants and potted plants right from production to post harvest management. They are not only well acquainted with design of flower and foliage plant arrangement but also they are well versed in field of care and sell live or dried floral material. Therefore these personnel are in high demand now a days in government agencies, landscape architectural firms, and resorts.
Olericulturist: The study of vegetable culture is called as ‘Olericulture’. Those who perform the activities of vegetable growing are known as olericulturist. Vegetable growing is an important branch of horticulture. It has an immense scope in a vast country like India. Olericulturist can start their career in industry, research institutes, universities and other organizations at various levels. These personnel are more required presently in private sector as the vegetable growers have good future especially in seed industry.
Pomologist: Pomology is one of the branches of horticulture which focuses on the cultivation, production, post harvest, storage, processing and value addition of fruits plants known as the major source of carbohydrates, vitamins, protein and antioxidants. It is a well known fact the fruit industry plays a significant role in many countries economy, making pomology especially vital. One of the most critical aspects of pomology is the development of new hybrid fruit cultivators. Generally pomologists are well acquainted with breeding technology, tissue culture techniques, integrated nutrient management (INM), integrated pest management technique (IPM) and protected cultivation techniques of fruits. They are well versed in transfer of qualitative and quantitative traits specifically desired traits, such as flavor, and disease-resistance. Pomologists future in the industries, ICAR, State agricultural Universities and in other organizations is bright.

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• The candidate should be passed the Bachelors examination from any recognized University or its equivalent examination.
• Candidates who have appeared or who are likely to appear for the qualifying examination i.e. B.Sc.or equivalent but whose results have not been as yet declared can also go ahead for the admission.

M.Sc. Horticulture : Job Prospects
Horticulture is a field that holds ample scope. Whether you want to be full-time or part-time horticulturist, whether you have your own piece of land or not, you can take up this line and make a decent living out of it.
Advances in horticultural technology, increasing product demands, and a growing export industry are making this an extremely lucrative career. Jobs are being created in fields such as research and journalism, in sectors both public and private, and also within and outside of our borders.
Professionals in this career can also opt for teaching jobs in universities and colleges. Researchers can earn a decent salary from the beginning of their career. Science graduates from different areas as a trainee.
Skilled professionals can seek employment in these areas such as in bioinformatics, food industry, biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry, research institutes and in water conservation. There are lots of job opportunities available in India as well as in foreign countries.

In Private sector
The career opportunities available for graduates of horticulture with private sector firms are very much ample. This is not only due to the sheer importance of fruits, flowers and plans such as orchids and geraniums in India and abroad, but also due to the fact that these perishable products can be preserved with the aid of modern technology. This new sophisticated approach in the field of horticulture has ensured the safe export of these products.
The career opportunities for horticulturists range from commercial and environmental sectors to research as well as journalism. The remuneration of people of this field is very much depended on the area where they are employed and the type of the firm.
The salary of professionals working in the private sector is much more when opposed to those who are employed with public sector firms.

Government Career
Opportunities are available for horticulturists with firms of the government sector. Educational institutions, the many departments of the Indian government etc are a few places where graduates of horticulture can get good jobs. But prior to their recruitment, they need to appear for an admission test. Notifications about the examinations and job vacancies will be available through newspapers or the employment news lets.

In the Public Sector:
• Scientist: This test is carried out by the Agriculture Scientist Recruitment Board, ICAR, New Delhi
• In Education: Posts such as Lecturer, Assistant Professor and Associate Professor etc are available in Agricultural Universities as well as Colleges.
• Training Organizer & Training Associate in Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK).
Employment :
• Cropping systems engineers
• Wholesale or retail business managers
• Propagators and tissue culture specialists
• Crop inspectors
• Crop production advisers
• Extension specialists
• Plant breeders
• Research scientists
• Teachers
In Abroad
Career opportunities for horticulturists in foreign nations are quite high. These professionals are very much in demand with Countries like the US and UK. A few areas of employment for them comprise of:
• Agri-Biotech Companies
• Agronomy Sales Jobs
• Commercial Farming
• Dairy Consultancies
• Extension Services
• Fertilizer Companies
• Food Chains
• Horticulture Departments
• Horticulture Finance Companies
• Horticulture Insurance Companies
• Horticulture Transportation
• Research Organizations
• Storage and Grading

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