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  • Awarded Most Popular Academic Institution of North India. Source- Entrepreneurship And Skill Development Association.
  • Awarded Best Technical & Professional College in Uttarakhand (North India). Source- Royal Brands Pvt Ltd.
  • Awarded Top Hotel Management Institute In India. Source- Competition Success Review.
  • Awarded Best Academic Leadership Award in IT And Management Education. Source- All India Technical And Management Council.
  • Awarded Best Life Science College In Uttarakhand. Source- Times Research.
  • Awarded Best Leading Management And Technical Institution. Source- Entrepreneurship And Skill development Association.
  • Awarded Best Contribution in Value Education. Source-ECONS.
  • Awarded Best B-school & Mass Comm. College in North India. Source- Brand Achiever.
  • Awarded Best Agriculture Science College in North India. Source- Mediaz Group.
  • Awarded Best Applied Sciences & Technical Institute in Uttarakhand. Source- Communication Multimedia And Infrastructure.
M.Sc. Agronomy : Master of Science in Agronomy

M.Sc. Agronomy is a two year regular postgraduate Agriculture degree program affiliated to HNB Garhwal Central University. A Master of Science in Agronomy provides graduates with a thorough knowledge and understanding of how agricultural productivity can improve food security and assist societies with the ability to streamline more efficient food production methodologies. Upon completion of an agronomy degree program, students should be able to apply what they have learned into real-world situations where the scientific principals surrounding agronomy are put into action. By combining research with in-depth instruction in climatology, genetics, biochemistry, physiology and plant breeding, students are prepared translate their studies into results.
Completing a master's degree in agronomy can directly benefit graduates by promoting the acquisition of useful skills in a wide range of careers. Most students learn the proper ways to communicate with the public, farmers and fellow scientists through a wide range of methods.

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• The candidate should be passed the Bachelors examination from any recognized University or its equivalent examination.
• Candidates who have appeared or who are likely to appear for the qualifying examination i.e. B.Sc..or equivalent but whose results have not been as yet declared can also go ahead for the admission.

M.Sc. Agronomy : Job Prospects
Agriculture is one of the top career choices made by students in India. Agriculture in simple words, deals with study of plant breeding that is consumed by human beings. Agriculture has lot of scope in terms of career opportunities. With the commercialization of horticulture and agriculture there are wide-ranging opportunities for paid jobs as well as private enterprise.
Paid jobs in government as well as in private organizations offer regular income; private enterprise they can make good remuneration. Horticulturists and Landscapers are employed in resorts, hotels, and in health farms in order to decorate their settings. Postgraduate students can work as supervisors, researcher, distributors, and engineer; or they can also start his/her own business.
Agricultural Engineering: This sector involves improving of agricultural machineries, power, soil and water conservation, agriculture and farm structures. There are lots of job opportunities in this sector for engineering graduates.
Agro-industry Sector: This sector involves dairy processing, grain processing, fats and oils, production, fibers, pesticides, meat packing, fertilizer, and food processing. Graduates from this sector can work as researcher, engineers, sales and promotion, technologists, scientists, as well as in production.
Agriculture Management: Graduates must have knowledge of management and agriculture. They can work in estates and tea gardens.
Corporations: Agriculturists from this sector can seek employment in Warehousing Corporation and Food Corporation, State Farm Corporation and National Seed Corporation.
Estates and tea gardens: There are many employment opportunities available in estates and tea gardens with good remuneration.
Self employment: Graduates after completion of their course and with some experience can start his/her own business such as agriculture product shops, agriculture firms and agribase industry.
Services Sector: This sector involves in the utilization of adequate and timely supply of fertilizers, seeds and chemicals at reasonable price and also to provide quality food products. Graduates from this sector can work as agricultural technicians, veterinarians, graders, agricultural statisticians and agricultural consultants.
Other career options in the field of agriculture and allied practices: -
• Farming
• Banking
• Conservation
• Seri-culture
• Agri-Business
• Agricultural Research
• Agricultural Education
• Agricultural Journalism
• Services in Agriculture

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