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M.A Education : Master of Arts in Education

M.A Education is a 2 years regular degree program. MA (Edu) program would provide learners a wider and more comprehensive understanding of education as field of knowledge and would accommodate a wide variety of learning needs of learners.
Master of Arts (Education) is aimed at developing professionals for effective participation in educational actions in different areas of education. The Program is an innovative Post-Graduate program in education, which emphasizes both disciplinary and professional dimensions of education as an area of study. The target group is a Graduate with or without a degree in education.
This Program is premised on the idea that education should contribute to human flourishing, and develop capabilities of thinking and acting for this purpose. If education is to contribute to human flourishing, issues concerning aims of education, access and quality of education and the defining socio-economic, political and policy contexts require deep critical questioning and formulation of constructive alternatives.
Any program of educational studies needs to address these issues Attempts to improve public education in India depend for their success on the availability of highly capable and committed personnel in substantial numbers. There is a dire need for people who can understand education and can assume a variety of responsibilities ranging from classroom teaching to policy formulation to theoretical or conceptual analyses in education.
It attempts to develop educational professionals capable of analysis, reflection, conceptual thinking, and meaningful action.

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The specific objectives of the Program are:
Understanding educational theory: Several disciplines contribute to the theoretical and conceptual bases of understanding a range of educational issues, such as, teaching, curricular material development, curriculum planning, assessment, schools and schooling and the education system as a whole. These approaches may be drawn from areas such as the Sociology of Education, Child Development and Learning, Philosophy of Education, Comparative History of Education, Curriculum Studies, to name a few. Insights from these approaches have to be integrated to form educational judgments and make choices in educational aims and practices.
Understanding educational practices in Indian school education: The Program will expose students to the diversity and variety of educational practices, policies, settings, and contexts in India. They will be provided with systematic opportunities to interact with and reflect on diverse learners, learning communities and school systems.
Establishing the theory-practice continuum: The understanding of practice is always dialectically linked to theory. The Program emphasizes that students evaluate theory in the light of ground realities while their practice remains informed by a critical, considered understanding of theory.
Implementing independent educational interventions: The Program will strive to develop capabilities to plan independent educational interventions in various roles such as those of curriculum developers, textbook/ material developers, teacher educators, and researchers.
Nourishing professional development: The Program aims to build among our graduates capabilities for ongoing self-motivated professional development.
Creating cooperative communities and values of cooperation: The Program will foster capabilities to work in cooperation with others, to form humane relationships and to have a deep commitment to human wellbeing, both individual and collective.

* The candidate should be passed the Bachelors examination from any recognized University or its equivalent examination.
* Candidates who have appeared or who are likely to appear for the qualifying examination i.e. B.A or equivalent but whose results have not been as yet declared can also go ahead for the admission.

M.A Education : Career Opportunities
The program opens up a range of career opportunities in government and non-government institutions, funding agencies, University and college departments of education; as teacher educators in teacher training institutions (both pre-service and in-service), curriculum development, material development, in text book writing institutes, education coordination, program evaluation and research.
The knowledge and skill set acquired with a Masters in Education makes you marketable to other job markets including but not limited to non-profit organizations, social work, educational specialists for museums and community parks, curriculum sales, education policy development, private school consultation, corporate training, and writing SEO content for business websites.
Employers are looking for leaders with a Masters in Education who can communicate effectively, accommodate for diversity, modify with change, and motivate others to achieve greater gains. The types of jobs you can obtain with a Masters in Education are really limitless.
* Curriculum Developer
* SEO Content Writer
* Corporate Trainer/Developer
* Higher Education
* Tutor
* Child Care Director
* Principal
* Educational Consultant
* Media and Technology Specialist
* Educational Policy Developer

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