• Awarded Best College For Science & Technology. Source- All India Technical And Management Council.
  • Awarded Centre of Excellence. Source- All India Technical And Management Council.
  • Awarded Most Popular Academic Institution of North India. Source- Entrepreneurship And Skill Development Association.
  • Awarded Best Technical & Professional College in Uttarakhand (North India). Source- Royal Brands Pvt Ltd.
  • Awarded Top Hotel Management Institute In India. Source- Competition Success Review.
  • Awarded Best Academic Leadership Award in IT And Management Education. Source- All India Technical And Management Council.
  • Awarded Best Life Science College In Uttarakhand. Source- Times Research.
  • Awarded Best Leading Management And Technical Institution. Source- Entrepreneurship And Skill development Association.
  • Awarded Best Contribution in Value Education. Source-ECONS.
  • Awarded Best B-school & Mass Comm. College in North India. Source- Brand Achiever.
  • Awarded Best Agriculture Science College in North India. Source- Mediaz Group.
  • Awarded Best Applied Sciences & Technical Institute in Uttarakhand. Source- Communication Multimedia And Infrastructure.
Diploma in Electrical Engineering ( Lateral Entry)

Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Lateral Entry ) is two year regular diploma program. Electricity has become a part and parcel of our life. The world has come to a stage where, almost everything that we use needs to be operated without electricity. From a small house to a large factory requires electricity to perform its day to day activities. Every other gadget needs electricity be it a water pump, iron box, microwave oven, a machine in a factory, TV, Space craft, life supporting systems in a hospital, a lamp, etc.
Electrical engineering is a broad field offering a world of possibilities to professionals. Designing computers, electronic devices, communications systems, testing equipment and working to improve systems are just a few of the jobs performed by electrical engineers. These highly skilled professionals enjoy fulfilling and exciting work, a competitive salary and a bright job outlook.
Electrical engineering deals with the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. It also covers various machines tools and equipments involved in the production, transmission, distribution, and measurement of electricity and also various protection devices. Various other machines and equipments that we use daily also come under electrical engineering.

Variety of Fields : Electrical engineering is composed of a wide variety of sub disciplines that professionals can choose, such as power, control, electronics, microelectronics, signal processing, communication, instrumentation and computers. Professionals can also choose to work in various settings including offices, labs and industrial plants. Engineers may work on projects such as designing a telecommunications system, wiring buildings, designing household appliances, or operating an electric power station.
Opportunities for Advancement : Advancement opportunities for electrical engineers are plentiful. There are also countless electrical engineering certifications to position oneself as an expert in a specific area.
Work on High Profile Projects : Electrical engineers have a unique chance to make a difference in the lives of others. These professionals work together to solve problems using cutting-edge technology. Whether creating lifesaving biomedical instruments, developing faster ways for computers to operate, or designing devices that produce renewable sources of energy, the work they do each day has a profound impact on society.

• 10th must be completed with with PCM from a recognized Education board.
• Must not have any backlog left in 10th.
• ITI course must be pursued from a recognized ITI Institute.
• 12th must be completed with PCM.
NOTE: On the basis of 10th you will get admission in 1st year of Diploma course, whereas on the basis of ITI or 12th with Vocational, PCM you will directly get admission in 2nd year of Diploma course.

Diploma in Electrical Engg.: Future Scope
Engineering has always been one of the most preferred career options for students. With the advancement in technology, the engineering sector is on an expansion spree. One of the popular and emerging fields in engineering is Electronics engineering. There are numerous job opportunities in this area.
So u want to take admission in diploma course in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering , then you can go for it. Because Electrical and Electronics stream is a core stream, so, you will definitely have lots of job opportunities in core sector. After completion of diploma course you will be able to go for core technical jobs in Electronics field as well as core technical jobs in Electrical field.. So, don't bother about it.. Just go for the diploma course....You can also go for B.tech course in the same field after completion of diploma course..Which will give you better job opportunity, also better designation and better salary...

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