Master of Science in Zoology

Post Graduate Courses M.Sc. Zoology

Master of Science in Zoology

Master of Science (Zoology) is the branch branch of biology which relates to the animal kingdom, including the structure, embryology, evolution, classification, habits, and distribution of all animals, both living and extinct. M.Sc in Zoology is a two year program and is divided into four semesters. M.Sc. Zoology degree at BFIT is affiliated to HNB Garhwal Central University.

After completion of the B.Sc program, one can opt for M.Sc Zoology course, which opens up wide scope of securing a rewarding career. Zoology focuses on the lives of animals, including both terrestrial and aquatic life. Zoologists can research a species as a whole or analyze individual organisms. The field also looks at how animals interact with each other and adapt to their environments. Topics in zoology include anatomy, genetics, animal behavior, biology, ecology and evolution. Zoologists study animals and their interactions with ecosystems. They study their physical characteristics, diets, behaviors, and the impacts humans have on them. They study all kinds of animals, both in their natural habitats and in captivity in zoos and aquariums. They may specialize in studying a particular animal or animal group.

Zoologists may be involved in a wide variety of duties in various environments. For example they may observe and study animals in their natural environments, or plan and conduct experiments involving animals in nature, in zoos, or in other controlled areas. They may also collect biological specimens and measure physical characteristics. These studies are generally aimed at investigating animal behavior, migration, interactions with other species, and reproduction, as well as the pests, diseases, toxins, and habitat changes that affect them. They use the information they gather to monitor and estimate populations, address invasive species and other threats, control disease, manage hunting programs, and develop conservation plans. They also write reports and journal articles and give presentations to share their findings.

Subjects usually studied under this degree are Structure & Functions of Invertebrates, Quantitative Biology, Bioinformatics, Molecular Cell Biology, Genetics, Animal Physiology, Bio molecules, Structural Biology, Environmental Physiology, Bio systematic, Taxonomy & Evolution, Genes & Differentiation, Animal Behavior, Endocrinology etc.

+ Additional Value Added Certification

Wild Life science Training, Forensic Entomology, Zookeeper, Animal Health care, Animal behavior and psychology, Neurobiology.



•The candidate should be passed the Bachelors examination from any recognized University or its equivalent examination and secured minimum 50% marks (45% is case of SC/ST candidates) .
•Candidates who have appeared or who are likely to appear for the qualifying examination i.e. B.Sc. or equivalent but whose results have not been as yet declared can also go ahead for the admission.

Career Scope

Once completion of M.Sc Zoology, students interested in research can opt for PhD. students after the master degree with Zoology, can get good job in govt. College / high school.
The genetic and microbiological research areas of zoology also provide vast scope for the M.Sc Zoology aspirants. Job opportunities in government sector are also enormous as that in the private sector.
There are unlimited career opportunities which an M.Sc in Zoology graduates can look forward. Various private sector firms’ specially chemical as well as pharmaceutical companies recruit huge M.Sc Zoology graduates. The demand for these graduates is increasing day by day due to the faster growth of the industries.
Numerous career opportunities are available for the students in zoology due to the need of preservation and management of the wild life in the country. A student can find a career in zoology across the world and some includes traveling. Few television channels such as National Geographic, Animal Planet and discovery channel offer various opportunities for documentary film making and other specialists.
Few places where a zoology student can be hired are wild life, national parks, botanical gardens, zoos, laboratories, aquariums, animal clinics, fisheries and aquaculture, museums, research, pharmaceutical Companies, veterinary hospitals etc.
Few job titles: –
• Animal Behaviorists
• Animal breeders
• Animal Trainers
• Animal Caretakers
• Animal and Wildlife Educators
• Animal rehabilitator
• Agricultural departments
• Biological Laboratory Technician
• Conservationists
• Documentary Maker
• Environmental or Ecosystem management sector
• Environmental consulting firms.
• Forensic Experts
• Herpetologist
• Hatcheries
• Lab Technicians
• Museum services
• Medical laboratories
• Media
• Researcher
• Scientific civil services
• Wildlife Biologists
• Wildlife rehabilitation centres
• Veterinary Technologist
• Wildlife Educator
• Wildlife Rehabilitator
• Zoo keeper
• Zoo Curator
• Zoologist

Job Prospective

Career in private sector
The career opportunities which an M.Sc in Zoology graduates can look forward is limitless. There are numerous private sector firms in the country which provides huge scope for these graduates. Various chemical as well as pharmaceutical companies recruit M.Sc Zoology graduates. The demand for these graduates is increasing day by day due to the faster growth of the industries. The various jobs to which the aspirants can get into are listed below.
• Biological Laboratory Technician
• Conservationist
• Environmental Consultant
• Herpetologist
• Veterinary Technologist
• Wildlife Educator
• Wildlife Rehabilitator
• Zookeeper
• Zoologist

Some other employment areas which also provide huge openings for the M.Sc Zoology candidates are medical laboratories, wildlife rehabilitation centres, hatcheries, agricultural departments, museum services, conservation agencies, scientific civil services, media, environmental or ecosystem management sector, environmental consulting firms, and so on. The candidates who clear the NET exam also can enter into the field of teaching. This is known as one of the most respectable professions. In addition to all these, there are numerous research institutes in the country where the graduates can enter into the post of junior research assistant. The genetic and microbiological research areas of zoology also provide vast scope for the M.Sc Zoology aspirants.

Career in government sector
Since Zoology is a vast field of Life Science, the job opportunities in government sector are also enormous as that in the private sector. Various government departments such as the UPSC, SSC, state PSC, etc conducts examination for recruitment of the candidates. One can attend these tests and those clearing this highly competitive exam can look for jobs in various governmental organizations. Many opportunities are available in forensic science department also. Those having interest in research field can look out for a suitable opening in various research organizations such as BARC, ISRO, etc. Not only this, there are many other companies which provides good jobs to the M.Sc degree holders.

Career abroad
Apart from India, there are also wide career opportunities for the M.Sc in Zoology candidates in many foreign countries. Various reputed firms abroad recruits fresher’s to suitable job profiles. The reason behind the interest of candidates in securing a job in these abroad firms is that the remunerations offered will be much higher than that in India.

  • Admission Process

    1. Admission in Post Graduate Course- M.Sc. Zoology is on the basis of merit of graduation marks and personal interview.

    2. You can fill the online registration form available on the website and pay Rs. 5000/- online as the registration fee. If interested and eligible, Apply Online here

    3. Alternatively, for the Seat registration you can deposit money by making Demand Draft in favor of BFIT payable at Dehradun by depositing the cash in ICICI Bank or you can transfer money from any bank through RTGS/NEFT.

    4. Selected students will be intimated over email/phone.

    5. On the date of scheduled joining time the student shall report at the venue on time, wherein briefing of the institute, rules and regulations etc. shall be given to the students. The students should carry the following documents along with the following certificates in original for verification:

    * 8 passport size photographs.
    * TC & Migration Certificate. * Character certificate from the last school attended.
    * Marks sheet of Graduation & pass certificate.
    * 10th class marks sheet & pass certificate.
    * 12th class marks sheet & pass certificate.
    * Two sets of photocopies of all the above documents.
    * Copies of extracurricular / sports or any other major achievement done on basis of which additional consideration is being made.

    Upon verification of the above documents, the candidates shall appear for their Group Discussion and Personal Interview.
    1. If any of the above mentioned documents are not available, then the admission given shall be provisional basis unless submitted. The required documents will have to be submitted latest by 25th July 2018.
    2. The merit list is drawn on the basis of weightage as under-

    Graduation – 50%
    Personal Interview – 50%

    A merit list will be drawn on the basis of above. Those shortlisted, an offer/short listing letter will be sent to them. On Receipt of the above letter, students need to confirm their admission within 15 days of receiving the communication and deposit the course fee.
    The fee can be deposited online through our website or by making Demand Draft in favor of BFIT payable at Dehradun by depositing the cash in ICICI Bank or you can transfer money from any bank through RTGS/NEFT.
    Account Details:

    BANK NAME- ICICI BANKA/C NO.-243801000031



    IFSC CODE- ICIC0002438


    BANK NAME- SBI BANKA/C NO.-31042767195



    IFSC CODE –SBIN0000739


    BANK NAME- IDBI BANKA/C NO.-1764104000005654



    IFSC CODE –IBKL0001764


    3. Students confirmed for admission shall have to deposit the balance fee for the first year within next 30 days of confirmation of admission. Those students wishing to avail a bank loan and requiring extra time shall make a request within 3 weeks of confirmation of admission. Additional time to deposit the fee or as deemed fit by the selection committee will be granted only on an undertaking that in case the fee is not deposited till the due date, the seat may be allotted to another candidate.

    In case of sanction of higher loan amounts, the balance will be refunded to the students.

  • Course Structure

    � SOLS/Zool/C 001 Animal Diversity I � (Lower Non-Chordata)
    � SOLS/Zool/C 002 Cell Biology & Molecular Biology
    � SOLS/Zool/C 003 Genetics, Evolution & Taxonomy
    � SOLS/Zool/C 004 Developmental Biology & Parasitology
    � SOLS/Zool/C 005 Lab Course I Based on C001 & C002
    � SOLS/Zool/C 006 Lab Course II Based on C003 & C004

    � SOLS/Zool/C 007 Animal Diversity-II (Higher Non-Chordata)
    � SOLS/Zool/C 008 Animal Physiology and Toxicology
    � SOLS/Zool/C 009 Instrumentation, Computer Application and Biostatistics
    � SOLS/Zool/C 010 Elementary Biotechnology & Microbiology
    � SOLS/Zool/C 011 Lab Course I Based C007 & C008
    � SOLS/Zool/C 012 Lab Course II Based C009 & C010
    � SOLS/Zool/SS01 Basic Bioinformatics
    � SOLS/Zool/SS02 Human Population Genetics

    � SOLS/Zool/C 013 Animal Diversity (Chordata)
    � SOLS/Zool/C 014 Ecology & Wildlife
    � SOLS/Zool/C 015 Lab Course Based on C013 & C014

    � SOLS/Zool/E 01a Fish Biology I
    � SOLS/Zool/E 01b Entomology I
    � SOLS/Zool/E 01c Environmental Biology I
    � SOLS/Zool/E 01d Reproductive Biology I
    � SOLS/Zool/E 02a Fish Biology II
    � SOLS/Zool/E 02b Entomology II
    � SOLS/Zool/E 02c Environmental Biology II
    � SOLS/Zool/E 02d Reproductive Biology II
    � SOLS/Zool/E 03 Lab Course Based on E001a/b/c/d & E002 a/b/c/d
    � SOLS/Zool/SS03 Biological & Radiotracer Techniques
    � SOLS/Zool/SS04 Aquatic Biodiversity


    SOLS/Zool/C 016 Endocrinology & Animal Behaviour
    SOLS/Zool/C 017 Biochemistry & Immunology
    SOLS/Zool/C 018 Lab Course Based on C016 & C017

    � SOLS/Zool/E 04a Fisheries Science
    � SOLS/Zool/E 04b Applied Entomology
    � SOLS/Zool/E 04c Applied Environmental Biology
    � SOLS/Zool/E 04d Applied Reproductive Biology
    � SOLS/Zool/E 05a Methodology in Fishery Science
    � SOLS/Zool/E 05b Methodology in Entomology
    � SOLS/Zool/E 05c Methodology in Environmental Biology
    � SOLS/Zool/E 05d Methodology in Reproductive Biology
    � SOLS/Zool/E 06 Lab Course Based E004 a/b/c/d & E005 a/b/c/d
    � SOLS/Zool/E 07 Dissertation
    � SOLS/Zool/SS05 Cold Water Fisheries
    � SOLS/Zool/SS06 Environmental Biotechnology

  • Fee Structure

    Details Ist Year IInd Year
    Form Fee Rs. 500/-NA
    Registration Fee Rs. 3,000/-NA
    Campus FeeRs. 7,500/-NA
    Other Charges (Uniform, Lab practical, Seminar etc.)Rs. 11,500/-NA
    Tuition FeeRs. 45,000/-Rs. 45,000/-
    Library Rs. 3,000/- Rs. 3,000/-
    Other Charges (ID card/Marathon/SMS etc.)Rs. 940/-NA
    Medical Consultation ChargesRs. 800/-Rs. 800/-
    Placements Rs. 4000/- Rs. 4000/-
    Dissertation/Internship/Training Charges (wherever applicable)(wherever applicable)(wherever applicable)
    University Exam FeeAs per the University NormsAs per the University Norms

Academic excellance


Phd & Renowned Faculties


Hands on Training


Degree Validation

Why Bfit



BFIT Dehradun runs M.Sc. Zoology, a two year regular degree program affiliated to H.N.B. Garhwal Central University (UGC Approved University -University Grant CommissionMinistry of H.R.D. Human Resource Development Govt. of India & NAAC Accredited).



Awarded Best Multi-Disciplinary College in India.

Awarded Best Emplacement College in India.

Awarded Best Technical & Professional College in Uttarakhand (North India).

Awarded Best Academic Leadership Award in IT And Management Education.

Awarded Best B-school & Mass Comm. College in North India.

Awarded Best Leading Management And Technical Institution.

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  • STUDENTS TO NOTE: 1. Classes remain suspended on 2 DEC, 2017 in lieu of Eid-Milad-Un-Nabi.  2. Make-up Examinations shall be from 4 DEC, 2017.
  • Students willing to do Diploma Program of AUTO-CAD must call immediately to Department Incharge-7456000107.
  • HNBGU External Practical Examination of Geology has been fixed on following dates: 1.B.SC (I-SEM) ON 5 DEC, 2017, 2.B.SC (III-SEM) ON 7 DEC, 2017. For details call DEAN/HOD.
  • SDSUU enrolled students to note that online Exam portal is open till 25 NOV, 2017. Late fee after University last date. For details meet HOD immediately.
  • For final year students-A placement drive/skill development program from 21st-25th NOV 2017 from 2:00 pm in Auditorium.
  • Students to note that Add-On Diploma Certification Courses shall be started from 21st NOV, 2017. Compulsory to attend.
  • Gate No. 1 & 3 shall be open for Entry & Exit. Gate No. 2 shall be only used for vehicles. High noise vehicles/pillion riders shall be barred from Entry 21st NOV, 2017 onwards.
  • BFIT is proud to host HNBGU 43rd ATHLETIC MEET, held from 1st-13th NOV at Maharana Pratap Sports Stadium, Raipur.
  • BFIT creates history – once again BFIT has become champion in HNBGU 43rd Athletics Meet.

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