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Best M.Sc Microbiology College in Dehradun

You live in intimate association with bacteria, and you couldn’t survive without them.— Bonnie Bassler

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Best Msc Microbiology College in Uttarakhand, India

M.Sc Microbiology or Master of Science in Microbiology is of 2 years, a postgraduate course which is divided into 4 semesters. It is affiliated with HNBGU which is a well-known university that affiliates with many other colleges. It combines the disciplines of chemistry and biology to examine organisms and their relations within the environment. It covers different elements of the programs consisting of biostatistics, immunology, virology, etc. Microbiology is a broad term encompassing many sub-disciplines or fields of study under it. These include –

  • Bacteriology: the study of bacteria
  • Mycology: the study of fungi
  • Protozoology: the study of protozoa
  • Phycology: the study of algae
  • Parasitology: the study of parasites
  • Virology: the study of viruses

Each scholar getting enrolled for the program needs to undergo several research works and laboratory periods as well. Applicants studying this program have many benefits like numerous opportunities, higher education, and a competitive salary.

Numerous opportunities – A postgraduate degree in Microbiology can open doorways of work opportunities for the candidates in numerous specific profiles such as Bacteriologist, Virologist, cell biologist, mycologist, etc.

Best Msc Microbiology College in Dehradun Uttarakhand India

Higher education – Candidates after completion of this course can opt for better education like Ph.D

Competitive income – This career is in high demand because of the diverse complex sicknesses and an excellent instance is the current pandemic Covid-19. A microbiologist in India earns around INR 310,000/- per annum.

M.Sc Microbiology Syllabus

Why BFIT?​

BFIT being one of the best MSc Microbiology college in Dehradun Uttarakhand India, impart the best quality training to their students. BFIT group has a properly experienced faculty that teaches the students in various modes so that the subject deepens its roots in the student’s mind. The institute has a nicely prepared lab for the work of microbiology. Within the lab, college students conduct their experiments on an ordinary basis. As BFIT believes more in realistic information in preference to bookish knowledge, it conducts numerous seminars wherein renowned microbiologists are invited to share their reviews with the students. College students are given proper chances to ask their questions from the visitor to enhance their information. Labs have all the essential equipment which a microbiology candidate requires. Various microorganisms are saved inside the lab that allows conducting experiments through the students. BFIT pursuits to offer a fundamental understanding of principles and tactics involved in the growth, evolution, and category of diverse microorganisms. The institute attempts to develop candidates with crucial skills in coping with and processing microbial cultures and traces. 

MSc Microbiology Eligibility

  • Minimum qualification required is graduation in any stream of Life Science from any recognized university
  • Minimum percentage required is 45% for GEN/OBC and 40% for SC/ST.

M.Sc Microbiology Scope in India

There is an extensive variety of M.Sc Microbiology jobs available in diverse industries. Some of the fields wherein microbiologists are required are pharmacy, water industry, chemical technology, nanotechnology, and so on. Some of the job profiles for M.Sc Microbiology candidates are

  • Microbiologists: They examine the biology of microorganisms which includes fungi, viruses, microorganisms, and algae. A number of the positions they hold encompass bacteriologists, virologists, etc.
  • Nutritionist: The main purpose of those specialists is to provide diets to individuals or institutes. They ensure that the person’s meal meets the desired fitness wishes.      
  • Project Assistant: The goal is to help the project supervisor and help the crew to finish service. They evaluate, process, and control the records and documents of projects related to the domain of microbiology.
  • Research Analyst: Research Analysts accumulate and organize records collected all through studies and surveys conducted in microbiology and pharmaceutical fields.      
  • Clinical research associate: They help in medical studies and supply advanced advice in managing resources, ordering tests, and setting up results.

There is plenty of M.Sc Microbiology scope available. College students with this degree without any difficulty can get a good job in both the government and private sectors. But, if the candidate wishes to go for higher studies instead of doing a job then some of the alternatives are:

M.Phil in Microbiology: A 1-yr postgraduate course, M.Phil in Microbiology deals with studies projects in the topics of bacterial polysaccharides, attachment of pathogens, and biofilm formation.

Ph.D. in Microbiology: A 2-year doctorate degree, Ph.D. in Microbiology revolves across the advanced observation of microorganisms, like microscopic, unicellular, and cellular-cluster organisms, and so forth. College students pursuing this route need to submit a detailed thesis as well.

Pursuing an M.Phil or a Ph.D. in Microbiology are the first-class options to study further. Candidates studying these courses will not just convey extra research opportunities for himself/herself but may even provide them better task positions in the field with a high reputation.

Msc Microbiology Course Fee

Students will be admitted on the basis of AIBFEE (M.Sc. Microbiology).
Download fee structure from the below link: Click Here

Admission Process

Admission in Post Graduate Course- M.Sc Microbiology is based on Percentage of the graduation marks / AIBFEE Exam / GD-PI.

Best Msc Microbiology College in Dehradun Uttarakhand India




The average salary of the candidate is INR 3LPA– INR 7LPA.

The top industries which recruit microbiologists are

  • Military
  • Health care Institutions
  • Pharmaceutical-Biotech Industries
  • Academia (Colleges & Universities)
  • Research Organization

Top recruiters of M.Sc Microbiology candidates are Mascot International, Siron Technology, Pvt. Ltd., Lakshmi Life Sciences Ltd, Panacea Biotec Limited, Serum Institute of India, etc.

The syllabus for M.Sc Microbiology includes Bioenergetics and Molecular Enzymology, Molecular Immunology, Bioinstrumentation, Microbial Physiology, Food and Dairy Microbiology, Microbial Diversities and Extremophiles, etc.