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MSc Food Technology Colleges in India

Best M.Sc Food Technology College in Dehradun

"Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.” – Bethenny Frankel


Food Technologist

Technical Brewer

Laboratory Supervisor

Best M.Sc Food Technology College in Uttarakhand, India

MSc food technology is a 2-yr postgraduate program that deals with the technologies to provide, maintain, method, package, and distribute food. It consists of the study of approaches and strategies concerned with accumulating the raw material to attain the final product to the consumer. It is affiliated with SDSU which is a well-known university that affiliates with many other colleges.

Food technology is the department of food science that entails the processing, preservation, preparation, selection, distribution, and utilization of sheltered, nutritious, and healthy nourishment. Food industries are introducing a lot of new technologies and equipment to supply products in step with the changing lifestyle of the people. With the advancement within the industries, the requirement for skilled specialists is quite high.

Food is a primary requirement and thus food industries are one of the rising industries in every country. So, the MSc food Tech graduates can get numerous entry-degree jobs in marketing or first-class assurance corporations, manufacturing management corporations, Logistics branches, research and development centers, lodges and restaurants, schools and Universities, and so on.

The purpose of the course is to reduce the amount of meal waste that has been seen in each step of meals processing and distribution. The program additionally specializes in generating a product, maintaining the nutrients value of the food, growing the shelf lifestyles of the product, and availability of seasonal fruits and vegetables during the year. The program imparts information and abilities to address the technicalities and numerous problems with food processing technology.

MSC Food Technology College in India

This system covers topics like food Microbiology, Packaging technology, Dairy technology, food Chemistry, physical, Microbiological & Chemical structure of food, Designing and production of foods with its fitness benefits, food Chemistry, food Processing, floor, and Colloidal Chemistry, Microbiology, vitamins and analysis of meals.

The graduates can get jobs in numerous businesses including the food corporation of India, present-day food organization, North-eastern Agricultural advertising company. They can also get a possibility to become research Scientists and pursue advanced research inside the relative discipline. This route also affords competencies to the students to work as food technologists in popular meals processing corporations. The good thing for the students who have studied post-graduation from MSc food technology colleges in India is they can get endless job opportunities in both public as well as the private sectors with great salary packages.

M.Sc Food Technology Syllabus

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Course Fee

Candidates will be admitted on the basis of AIBFEE (M.Sc. Food Technology) performance.
Download fee structure from the below link: Click Here

Admission Process

Admission in Post Graduate Course- M.Sc Food Technology is based on Percentage of the graduation marks / AIBFEE Exam / GD-PI.

MSC Food Technology Colleges in India

MSc Food Technology Eligibility

  1. Minimum qualification required is graduation from any recognized university
  2. Minimum percentage required is 45% for GEN/OBC and 40% for SC/ST.

MSc Food Technology Scope in India

Qualified postgraduates in food technology can easily get jobs in sectors including food packaging organizations, food processing companies, food manufacturing industries, food research laboratories, and many others. College students completing post-graduation in food technology can also go into laboratory-based careers in medical or technical roles. There are a massive number of job possibilities for individuals who need to pursue a career within the discipline of food technology. College students can opt for numerous jobs which include manufacturing managers, food development supervisors, food Packaging supervisors, food safety Auditors, and so forth. M.Sc Food technology postgraduates also can choose a profession as a food author and write articles for magazines, journals, books, and tv shows.

Some of the famous jobs available to M.Sc food technology graduates are:

  • Food Technologist: The main task of a food technologist is to discover and develop new items and make contributions towards enhancing the nature of present food items.
  • Dietician: Dieticians are individuals who promote nutritional fitness and help in treating medical conditions via suggesting healthful dietary habits to sufferers. 
  • Technical Brewer: Technical Brewers are recognized for coping with numerous specialized and administrative journeys which include overseeing the blending method, handling, and keeping the hardware involved.
  • Production Manager: Production Managers are regarded for developing and executing plans for surveying, assessing, arranging, and tallying plans of expenditure and time scales with clients and different managers.           
  • Purchasing manager: The purchasing manager’s job is to design and facilitate the work of customers and specialists. They are acknowledged for ensuring that their company secures the first-rate quality and amount of raw material for food.




The average salary of an M.Sc Food Technology candidate is INR 3LPA 12LPA.

M.Phil in Food Science or Ph.D in Food Technology can be pursued after M.SC Food Technology.

The top recruiters of food technology candidates are

  • Amul,
  • Dabur India Ltd.,
  • ITC Limited,
  • Hindustan Lever Limited

The job profiles for food technology candidates are

  • Dietician,
  • Food Technologist,
  • Technical Brewer,
  • Laboratory Supervisor,
  • Purchasing Manager,
  • Retail Buyer