B.Sc. PCM : Bachelor of Science in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics

Graduate Courses B.Sc. PCM

B.Sc. PCM : Bachelor of Science in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics

Bachelor of Science in PCM is a 3 years regular degree program. The B.Sc.PCM degree at BFIT is affiliated to HNB Garhwal Central University.

Pursuing a B.Sc. PCM course is most beneficial for students who have a strong interest and background in Science and Mathematics. The course is also beneficial for students who wish to pursue multi and inter-disciplinary science careers in future. It emphasizes on making the students understand the structural and functional basis of the universe.. This course forms the basis of science and comprises of the subjects like physics, chemistry and mathematics.

The program leads the students to higher learning in physical, mathematical and chemical sciences and contribute to the welfare of the society. It is designed to help the students to understand the importance of chemicals, chemical industries and the role of these in improving the quality of human life. It also helps the students to recognize and appreciate the contribution of great scientists in the field of physics, chemistry and mathematics.

After the completion of the B.Sc PCM degree there are various options available for the science students, they can go for master degree in Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics , go in a research area and can even look for professional job oriented courses. Often, in some reputed universities or colleges in India and abroad the students are recruited directly by big MNC’s after their completion of the course.

+ Additional Value Added Certification

2D Isolation, Holographic Wholeness, Geometry and Spin, Energy Generation and Gravity Control, Ancient Origin, Confining Force, Analytical Chemistry.


• All students must have passed 10+2 or senior secondary examination with a minimum of 45% marks can join the B.Sc. PCM course.
• The students are generally admitted on the basis of personal interview and written examination conducted by Institute.
•Institutes admit student on merit basis.

Career Scope

Few of the Employment Areas after B.Sc PCM-

These are the few areas where students of B.Sc PCM can get good jobs.

  • Agriculture Industry.
  • Aquariums.
  • Biotechnology Firms.
  • Chemical Industry.
  • Educational Institutes.
  • Environmental Management and Conservation.
  • Forensic Crime Research.
  • Food Institutes.
  • Forest Services.
  • Geological Survey Departments.
  • Health Care Providers.
  • Hospitals.
  • Industrial Laboratories.
  • Oil Industry.
  • Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Industry.
  • Research Firms
  • Seed and Nursery Companies.
  • Space Research Institutes.
  • Testing Laboratories.
  • Wildlife and Fishery Departments.
  • Waste-water Plants.

Besides research as well as government jobs, graduates of science can get jobs with business firms in the marketing sector and technical writing. Students of B.Sc also have the opportunity to get jobs with banks. But they will need to appear for the entrance test that is carried by each of the individual banks as to get recruited into the post they wish to enter.

Job Prospects

This course forms the basis of science and comprises of the subjects like physics, chemistry and mathematics.
After the completion of the B.Sc degree there are various options available for the science students, they can go for master degree in Science i.e. M.Sc, can go in a research area and can even look for professional job oriented courses. Often, many students of BSc.PCM are recruited directly by big MNC’s after their completion of the course.
Jobs for students of B.Sc PCM are just not restricted to areas of science. They can get jobs with other sectors too. With some training and expertise in a certain field, one can get work with a wide range of non scientific arenas too.


  • Admission Process

    1. Admissions in Under Graduate Course- PCM  is on the basis of merit of Class XII marks and personal interview.
    2. You can fill the online registration form available on the website and pay Rs. 5000/- online as the registration fee. If interested and eligible, Apply Online here
    3. Alternatively, for the Seat registration you can deposit money by making Demand Draft in favor of BFIT payable at Dehradun by depositing the cash in ICICI Bank or you can transfer money from any bank through RTGS/NEFT.
    4. Selected students will be intimated over email/phone.
    5. On the date of scheduled joining time the student shall report at the venue on time, wherein briefing of the institute, rules and regulations etc. shall be given to the students. The students should carry the following documents along with the following certificates in original for verification:

    * 8 passport size photographs.
    * TC & Migration Certificate.   *Character certificate from the last school attended.
    * 10th class mark sheet & passing certificate.
    * 12th class mark sheet & passing certificate.
    * 3 sets of photocopies of all the above documents.
    * Copies of extracurricular/sports or any other major achievement done on basis of which additional consideration is being made.

    Upon verification of the above documents, the candidates shall appear for their Group Discussion and Personal Interview.
    1. If any of the above mentioned documents are not available, then the admission given shall be provisional basis unless submitted. The required documents will have to be submitted latest by 25th July 2018.
    2. The merit list is drawn on the basis of weightage as under-

    Class 12th – 50%
    Personal Interview – 50%

    A merit list will be drawn on the basis of above. Those shortlisted, an offer/short listing letter will be sent to them. On Receipt of the above letter, students need to confirm their admission within 15 days of receiving the communication and deposit the course fee.
    The fee can be deposited online through our website or by making Demand Draft in favor of BFIT payable at Dehradun by depositing the cash in ICICI Bank or you can transfer money from any bank through RTGS/NEFT.
    Account Details:


    A/C NO.-243801000031



    IFSC CODE -ICIC0002438



    A/C NO.-31042767195



    IFSC CODE –SBIN0000739



    A/C NO.-1764104000005654



    IFSC CODE –IBKL0001764


    1. Students confirmed for admission shall have to deposit the balance fee for the first year within next 30 days of confirmation of admission. Those students wishing to avail a bank loan and requiring extra time shall make a request within 3 weeks of confirmation of admission. Additional time to deposit the fee or as deemed fit by the selection committee will be granted only on an undertaking that in case the fee is not deposited till the due date, the seat may be allotted to another candidate. In case of sanction of higher loan amounts, the balance will be refunded to the students.


  • First Semester

    •  Physics: Mechanics
    • Maths: Differential Calculus
    • Chemistry: Atomic Structure, Bonding, General Organic Chemistry & Aliphatic Hydrocarbons
    • English/MIL Communication

    Second Semester

    • Physics: Electricity, Magnetism and EMT
    • Maths: Differential Equations
    • Chemistry: Chemical Energetic, Equilibrium & Functional Organic Chemistry
    • Environmental Science

    Third Semester

    • Physics : Thermal Physics and Statistical Mechanics
    • Maths : Real Analysis
    • Chemistry : Solutions, Phase Equilibrium, Conductance, Eletro-chemistry & Functional Group Organic Chemistry-II
    • SEC 1: Skill Enhancement Courses Physics/Chemistry/Mathematics I

    Fourth Semester

    • Physics : Waves and Optics
    • Maths : Algebra
    • Chemistry Of S- And P-Block Elements, States Of Matter & Chemical Kinetics
    • SEC 2: Skill Enhancement Courses Physics / Chemistry/ Mathematics – II

    Fifth Semester

    • Discipline Specific Electives Physics I(ELECTIVES)
    • Discipline Specific Elective Chemistry I(ELECTIVES)
    • Discipline Specific Elective Mathematics I (ELECTIVES)
    • SEC 3: Skill Enhancement Courses Physics / Chemistry/ Mathematics  III

    Sixth Semester

    • Discipline Specific Electives Physics II (ELECTIVES)
    • Discipline Specific Elective Chemistry II (ELECTIVES)
    • Discipline Specific Elective Mathematics – II (ELECTIVES)
    • SEC 4: Skill Enhancement Courses Physics / Chemistry / Mathematics  IV

    List of Electives Discipline Specific Electives- Physics ( Any two: 0ne in Vth & VIth Semester each ) (Dissertation can be chosen in lieu of Discipline specific elective in Vth Semester)

    • 1. Digital, Analog and Instrumentation
    • 2. Elements of Modern Physics
    • 3. Mathematical Physics
    • 4. Solid State Physics
    • 5. Quantum Mechanics
    • 6. Embedded System: Introduction to micro controller
    • 7. Nuclear and Particle Physics
    • 8. Medical Physics
    • 9. Dissertation


    DSE 1A (choose one in Vth Semester)

    • 1. Matrices
    • 2. Mechanics
    • 3. Linear Algebra

    DSE 1B (choose one in VIth Semester)

      • 1. Numerical Methods
      • 2. Complex Analysis
      • 3. Linear Programming

    Chemistry ( Any two: 0ne in Vth & VIth Semester each ) (Dissertation can be chosen in lieu of Discipline specific elective in Vth Semester)

    • 1. Applications Of Computers In Chemistry
    • 2. Analytical Methods In Chemistry
    • 3. Molecular Modeling & Drug Design
    • 4. Novel Inorganic Solids
    • 5. Polymer Chemistry
    • 6. Research Methodology For Chemistry
    • 7. Green Chemistry
    • 8. Industrial Chemicals And Environment
    • 9. Inorganic Materials Of Industrial Importance
    • 10. Instrumental Methods Of Chemical Analysis
    • 11. Chemistry of d-block elements, Quantum Chemistry and Spectroscopy
    • 12. Organo-metallics, Bio-inorganic chemistry, Poly nuclear hydrocarbons and UV, IR Spectroscopy
    • 13. Molecules of life
    • 14. Dissertation

    Skill Enhancement Courses


    • 1. Physics Workshop Skills
    • 2. Computational Physics Skills
    • 3. Electrical circuit network Skills
    • 4. Basic Instrumentation Skills
    • 5. Renewable Energy and Energy harvesting
    • 6. Mechanical Drawing
    • 7. Radiology and Safety
    • 8. Applied Optics
    • 9. Weather Forecasting


    SEC 1 (choose one)

      • 1. Logic and Sets
      • 2. Analytical Geometry
      • 3. Integral Calculus

    SEC 2 (choose one)

      • 1. Vector Calculus
      • 2. Theory of Equations
      • 3. Number Theory

    SEC 3 (choose one)

      • 1. Probability and Statistics
      • 2. Mathematical Finance
      • 3. Mathematical Modeling

    SEC 4 (choose one)

    • 1. Boolean Algebra
    • 2. Transportation and Game Theory
    • 3. Graph Theory

    Chemistry (any four) (Credit: 02 each)- SEC 1 to SEC 4

    • 1. IT Skills for Chemists
    • 2. Basic Analytical Chemistry
    • 3. Chemical Technology & Society
    • 4. Chemo-informatics
    • 5. Business Skills for Chemists
    • 6. Intellectual Property Rights
    • 7. Analytical Clinical Biochemistry
    • 8. Green Methods in Chemistry
    • 9. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
    • 10. Chemistry of Cosmetics & Perfumes
    • 11. Pesticide Chemistry
    • 12. Fuel Chemistry
  • DetailsIst YearIInd Year IIIrd Year
    Form Rs. 500/- NA NA
    Registration Fee Rs. 3,000/- NA NA
    Campus Fee Rs. 7,500/- NA NA
    Other Charges (Uniform, Lab practical, Seminar etc.) Rs. 11,500/- NA NA
    Tuition Fee Rs. 28,000/-Rs. 28,000/- Rs. 28,,000/-
    Library Rs. 3,000/-Rs. 3,000/- Rs. 3,000/-
    Other Charges (ID card/Marathon/SMS etc.) Rs. 940/- NA NA
    Medical Consultation Charges Rs. 800/- Rs. 800/- Rs. 800/-
    PlacementsRs. 4,000/-NARs. 4000/-
    Dissertation/Internship/Training Charges (wherever applicable)(wherever applicable)(wherever applicable)(wherever applicable)
    University Exam Fee As per the University Norms As per the University Norms As per the University Norms
    Total Rs.59,240/- Rs.31,800/- Rs.35,800/-

Academic excellance


Phd & Renowned Faculties


Hands on Training


Degree Validation

Why Bfit


BFIT Dehradun runs B.Sc PCM, a three year regular degree program affiliated to H.N.B. Garhwal Central University (UGC Approved University -University Grant CommissionMinistry of H.R.D. Human Resource Development Govt. of India & NAAC Accredited).


Awarded Best Multi-Disciplinary College in India.

Awarded Best Emplacement College in India.

Awarded Best Technical & Professional College in Uttarakhand (North India).

Awarded Best Academic Leadership Award in IT And Management Education.

Awarded Best B-school & Mass Comm. College in North India.

Awarded Best Leading Management And Technical Institution.
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  • Students willing to do Diploma Program of AUTO-CAD must call immediately to Department Incharge-7456000107.
  • HNBGU External Practical Examination of Geology has been fixed on following dates: 1.B.SC (I-SEM) ON 5 DEC, 2017, 2.B.SC (III-SEM) ON 7 DEC, 2017. For details call DEAN/HOD.
  • SDSUU enrolled students to note that online Exam portal is open till 25 NOV, 2017. Late fee after University last date. For details meet HOD immediately.
  • For final year students-A placement drive/skill development program from 21st-25th NOV 2017 from 2:00 pm in Auditorium.
  • Students to note that Add-On Diploma Certification Courses shall be started from 21st NOV, 2017. Compulsory to attend.
  • Gate No. 1 & 3 shall be open for Entry & Exit. Gate No. 2 shall be only used for vehicles. High noise vehicles/pillion riders shall be barred from Entry 21st NOV, 2017 onwards.
  • BFIT is proud to host HNBGU 43rd ATHLETIC MEET, held from 1st-13th NOV at Maharana Pratap Sports Stadium, Raipur.
  • BFIT creates history – once again BFIT has become champion in HNBGU 43rd Athletics Meet.

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