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B.Sc. Microbiology : Bachelor of Science in Microbiology

Bachelor of Science in Microbiology is 3 years regular degree program which focuses on the study of basic level aspects in the field of Microbiology.
Microbiology is a broad discipline that involves the study of the biology of bacteria, viruses, protozoa and fungi. The main focus of our course is the pathogenic potential of the organisms that cause disease in man; also covered are aspects of the biochemistry, physiology and genetics of microorganisms.
Recently, our knowledge of how microbes function has expanded enormously, both in the disease process and at a molecular level. Genetic engineers are using bacteria and viruses to clone eukaryotic genes to study and treat human genetic disorders. Vaccines are being developed for diseases such as AIDS, Legionnaire's disease and listeriosis. In the areas of biotechnology, agriculture and food production, microbes are continually exploited for the benefit of man.
Microbiologists are needed to do the research required for the future battle against diseases worldwide and in order to exploit microbes in the production of food.

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• All students must have passed 10+2 or senior secondary examination with passing marks can join the B.Sc. Microbiology course.
• The students are generally admitted on the basis of personal interview and written examination conducted by institute or on merit basis.

B.Sc. Microbiology : Job Prospects
Microbiology has tremendous scope and a very bright future. Students who are pursuing their career as a Microbiologist, golden opportunities await for you. Some of the best scientific research jobs are in available in the field of Microbiology.
Today microbiologists are required in top organizations like NASA for identification of any life form for their various missions like the recent Mars curiosity mission and many more.
The field of Microbiology covers many others such as Bacteriology, Virology, Mycology and Parasitology and medical microbiologists identify the agents of infectious diseases & devise ways to combat them. They also track down and identify new pathogens.
The scope of microbiology is immense due to its ability to control all critical points of many fields like Medical, Diary, Pharmaceutical, Industrial, Clinical, research, water industry, agriculture, nanotechnology, chemical etc.
The field of Microbiology is a booming sector which offers a lot of career openings for experts in the field. They have enormous openings in the Public sector firms and also in Private sector organizations. Various undertakings abroad also offer employment opportunities for Bachelor of Science in Microbiology graduates. Various higher study options in the field will make them enable to work in several other job profiles as well.

Private Sector Jobs
Private sector provides a lot of job opportunities for Bachelor of Science in Microbiology pass outs. The most common field of work for these aspirants in this sector will be in research organizations. They can opt for teaching profession as well. The salary packages will depend on the job profile and the area in which these graduates are working. They can not only work in the fields of Microbiology but also in its allied fields. There are various career openings for these graduates in the fields of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering as well.
The most common job profiles for these people in the Private sector units include:
• Medical Microbiologists
• Agricultural Microbiologists
• Industrial Microbiologists
• Marine Microbiologists

Government Sector Job
Government sector offers a lot of career opportunities for B.Sc in Microbiology pass outs. These graduates need to attend several tests conducted by Government boards to get placed in these Public sector firms. Research fields are a good option for these graduates in the Government sector too. The most common job profile of a graduate in the field is Microbiologist.
The common areas of employment of these graduates in the Government sector include:
• Development laboratories
• Hospitals
• Pharmaceutical Sector
• Food Industry
• Beverage Units
• Chemical Industries
Job Prospects Abroad
B.Sc in Microbiology pass outs has a great career scope abroad. They can work in a lot of job profiles like
• Bacteriologists
• Industrial Microbiologists
• Medical Microbiologists
• Biotechnologist
• Biomedical Scientist
• Cell Biologists
• Geneticists
• Mycologists
• Protozoologists
• Biochemist
• Immunologists
• Parasitologists
• Virologists
• Environmental Microbiologists
• Food Microbiologists

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