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B.Sc. Geology : Bachelor of Science with Geology

Bachelor of Science in Geology is a three year regular degree program affiliated to HNBGU Central University.
Students under this degree learn how to interpret rock materials as well as geological phenomena. In addition, they learn how to apply theory and techniques from physics, chemistry, materials science and biology to the study of the Earth and the environment. Geology (Geo means earth and logos means science) is the science of study of earth. It is an interdisciplinary science related to physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics.
There are many branches of geology such as-
• Physical geology-study of work of natural processes which bring changes upon the earth's surface;
• Petrology-study of different kinds of rocks; mineralogy-study of different kinds of minerals;
• Paleontology-study of fossils; geomorphology-study of morphology of earth's surface;
• Stratigraphy or historical geology- study of rock in relation to their deposition and age;
• Structural geology-study of structures of rocks;
• Volcano logy-study of volcanoes;
• Environmental geology-study of environment in relation to living and non-living,
• Hydrogeology-study of water bearing capacity of rocks;
• Economic geology-study of mineral deposits and fossil fuels;
• Seismology-study of earthquakes;
• Engineering geology- study of applications of geology to civil engineering works;
• Mining geology-study of applications of geology to mining engineering;
• Geophysics-applications of physics in geological study;
• Rock mechanics- study of rocks under different civil engineering properties;
• Geochemistry-study of different kinds of elements and their compounds in the earth.

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• All students must have passed 10+2 or senior secondary examination with passing marks can join the B.Sc. Geology course.
• The students are generally admitted on the basis of personal interview and written examination conducted by institute or on merit basis.

B.Sc. Geology : Career Prospects

scope in geology for India.Indian government wants more geologist today and future also various organizations like GSI, ONGC, HP, Indian oil etc need geologist from all over India.The demand is increasing each year those who wants to pursue geology carrier it's a very good opportunity for them.This subject represents a good practical knowledge, communication skill, perfect in English and computer.If anyone wants to make a career in it..Just go for it.
For a geologist to work in a country like ours, we have the option of working for the organizations like Central Ground Water Board and the Geological Survey of India, Coal India, Oil & Natural Gas Corporation, Mineral Exploration Authority, Hindustan Zinc etc.
Among others these are few which offer job opportunities for Geologist with good packages. Defense and other Para- military forces are recruiting Geologist for various purposes. Moreover, the scope of this field is widening because of the growing environmental concerns triggered by pollution and other related issues.
Geology is one such career which opens the door to a plethora of other opportunities. Students who study Geology can later on move on to the likes of courses such as Paleontology, Geophysics, Mining, Environmental Education, Petrology, etc and can with the course of time think of becoming Geographers, Oceanographers, Geologists, Meteorologists, Seismologist, Completions Technologist, Processing Geophysicist, Researchers and many other such options.
Jobs directly related to your degree include:
• Engineering geologist • Geochemist • Geophysicist/field seismologist • Geoscientist • Hydrogeologist • Seismic interpreter • Mudlogger • Wellsite geologist Jobs where your degree would be useful include :
• Drilling engineer • Environmental consultant • Geophysical data processor • Minerals surveyor
Integrated PhD:
You can go ahead for the Integrated PhD offered by Institution or Universities.
Govt Jobs
Defense, Banking sector, Railways, Police, Administrative, Management, Human resource, Teaching
Private Jobs
Pharma Companies, Labs, Research labs, Forensic labs, Petroleum Companies etc.

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