Dilemma of wearing a face mask


Whether you live in a containment zone or not, a face mask is must for all. You don’t necessarily have to buy a face mask; instead you can use a scarf, bandana, or something similar. Make sure that there are at least 3 layers. In a bid to curb the spread of coronavirus, the government in all States of India has imposed a fine of Rupees 500 to 1 lakhs for not wearing a face mask in a public place.

Why face mask is necessary?

Wearing a face mask protects you from small droplets of Covid-19 infection that comes out of your nose and/or mouth when you sneeze, cough or talk.

A face mask minimizes any possibility of spreading the infection to others. If you are healthy, a mask may protect you from larger droplets from people around you.

How do I correctly use a face mask/cover?

To reduce the spread of infection, you need to wear, store and dispose of face mask correctly. WHO has created videos on how to wear different types of face covering, as well as other useful information. And when you remove a fabric or face mask, zip it in an enclosed bag until you wash it. WHO has also suggested washing the face mask after every use and then sun-drying it for at least 5 hours; however if you’re using a single-use face mask, throw it in the waste bin immediately.

I do not live in a containment zone – what rules apply to me?

  1. Wear a face mask and keep a 1.5-meter distance.
  2. If you are in a closed space wear face mask as directed by WHO guidelines.
  3. Keep alcohol based sanitizer with you at all times, and after touching any surface either wash wash your hands with soap or use a hand sanitizer.
  4. As soon as you enter your home, make sure to first wash your hands and face, and then change into a clean pair of clothes.
  5. Avoid touching your face while wearing a mask.
  6. Do not bring your face mask down to your nose or chin.
  7. Remove mask only using the string.
  8. Try to clean your home often using all-purpose alcohol-based cleaner especially gates, handles and nobs, the car handles, shoes. Or you can have different shoes for indoor.

How NOT to wear your face mask

  1. Do not use a mask if damaged or damp.
  2. Do not wear it around your chin.
  3. Do not wear loose-fitting masks.
  4. Do not pull away from the face to speak.
  5. Do not touch your mask.
  6. Do not share your mask.

Can I make my own mask?

Of course! You can make your own face mask. Here are some tips:

You can make a face mask using a t-shirt, bandana, dupatta, scarfs, a piece of cotton cloth to make sure fabric is cotton.

BFIT recommends you to cover your face with a mask, wash your hands frequently, stay indoors (if not urgent) and be safe.

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