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Agriculture science is an academic field of science that includes the study of various clinical, technical, and business subjects associated with agriculture, horticulture, farm management, poultry farming, dairy farming, agricultural biotechnology, etc. The scope of a career in Agriculture has grown incredibly these days with studies and continuous innovation within the industry.

With a bachelor’s or master’s degree in agriculture, students can grab high-paid jobs in both government and private sectors. Candidates can pursue a course in Agriculture at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Agriculture science

Given below is the list of various Agricultural courses

  • B.Sc Horticulture
  • B.Sc Forestry
  • B.Sc Agriculture
  • M.Sc Horticulture
  • M.Sc Seed Science and Technology
  • M.Sc Agronomy
  • M.Sc Forestry


B.Sc Horticulture

Horticulture is a branch of agriculture that deals prominently with the study of pomology (study of fruit science), olericulture (study of vegetable science), and floriculture (study of flowers). Horticulture consists of many more domains like Post-harvest management, Food technology, Plant Pathology, Entomology, Soil science, and Genetics, and plant breeding.

Career opportunities after B.Sc Horticulture in Government sectors are

  • The District Horticulture Officer or District Agriculture Officer- Candidates can apply for these posts through the examination conducted by the State government
  • Technical Assistant / Technical Officers
  • Contributors in public educational institutions – e. g. lecturers, Professors
  • Horticulture development officer


Career opportunities after B.Sc Horticulture in Private sectors are

  • Equipment manufacturing firms – MARSHAL FORGINGS, JAYCEE INDUSTRIES PRIVATE LIMITED, J. P. GROUP, etc. These are some firms that provide employment to horticulture graduates. These companies are equipment-making firms that are used in the process of horticulture.
  • Agricultural products manufacturing and marketing firms – JK Agri Genetics Ltd, Nath Bio Genes (India) Ltd, Raghuvansh Agrofarms Ltd, etc. These are agricultural products manufacturing firms which produce seeds, pharmaceuticals & chemicals which are needed for the horticulture processes. One can get the job of an agricultural consultant, estates manager, plant breeder, soil scientist, etc.
  • Technology industry – Panasonic, this company is commonly known for cameras, electronics but according to the presentation given in Smart Horticulture Asia, Panasonic is developing new technologies to enhance the horticulture processes and will be recruiting horticulture candidates soon.


B.Sc Forestry

Bachelor of Science in Forestry is a 4year undergraduate course that is divided into 8 semesters. It provides students with knowledge about Forestry. The forestry program teaches students about

  • managing the forest
  • maintaining the old plants/trees
  • using the forest products in a sustainable manner
  • new plantation techniques


Career opportunities after B.Sc Forestry in government sectors are

  • The candidate can work as a forest department officer. Candidates with the forestry degree are eligible to give the exam of the Indian Forest Service conducted by UPSC.
  • Zoological parks
  • Wildlife research institutes
  • Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education and its various affiliated institutes
  • Wildlife department
  • Forest department
  • National parks & sanctuaries

B.Sc Agriculture

Agriculture is the science of farming and cultivation of plants, crops, and other medicinal plants which are used to enhance the quality of human life. The study of agriculture is defined as Agriculture Science. It is a multi-dimensional field that comprises various scientific, technical, and business subjects.

Career opportunities after B.Sc Agriculture in government sectors are

  • Assistant Inspector, Deputy Inspector, Officers.- For these government jobs, the candidate has to clear the UPSC IFS exam. IFS stands for Indian Forest Service.
  • Foreman, Laboratory Assistant, Scientific Assistant, Agriculture Officer, etc.- SSC (Staff Selection Commission) is a body that is responsible to recruit candidates for various posts in the Department of Government of India, its various Ministries, or Subordinate organizations.
  • Agricultural Field Officer- For this post, the candidate has to clear the IBPS SO exam.
  • NABARD- Every year, NABARD releases job openings for various posts for Agriculture Graduates like Office attendants, Agriculture Officers, Assistant Officers/ Managers, etc. The candidate has to clear the exam and then the personal interview.

M.Sc Horticulture

It is a sophisticated study within the subject of horticulture that deals with pomology, olericulture, and floriculture. Horticulture is the system that incorporates the cultivation of plants and vegetables, their control and processing, storage and packaging, and many others.

Career opportunities after M.Sc Horticulture are

  • Project Manager
  • Gardener
  • Foreman
  • Horticulturist
  • Horticultural Education Supervisor
  • Assistant Manager Human Resources
  • Professor
  • Scientist

M.Sc Seed Science and Technology

Seed Science and Technology is the study related to seed formation, maintenance, quality, and preservation. Seed Science can also be defined as the methods through which characteristics of seeds can be improved. It is also used in changing the genetic of the seeds so that the new outcome is better than the previous one.

Career opportunities after M.Sc Seed Science and Technology in the government sector are

  • BSUs – Breeder Seed Units
  • NSC – National Seed Corporation
  • SSTL – State Seed Testing Lab
  • CSTL – Central Seed Testing

M.Sc Agronomy

M.Sc in agronomy is the advanced study of the processes of cultivation and yielding high-quality crops and plants. It helps students to become specialists in their concerned field of agronomy. Candidates of Agronomy involve in various concepts like soil fertility, agronomy of major cereals and pulses, crop ecology, and sustainable agriculture.

Career opportunities after M.Sc Agronomy in government sectors are

  • Food Corporation of India (FCI)

It is a corporation run by the Government of India. It offers jobs for agronomy students as a food inspector, technical manager, food officer, etc. Selection is based on the exam and then followed up by a personal interview.

  • Centre for Cotton Research

This offers jobs for candidates as managers, researchers, engineers, sales and promotion, technologists, scientists.

  • Central Rice Research Institute

CRRI recruits agronomy students on the job profiles of Field Assistant, Graduate Assistant, Research Associate, Field Operator, and many others.

M.Sc Forestry

This program includes the advanced methods which would stop or will decrease the possibilities of extinction of non-renewable resources. Candidates who wish to do forestry must be adventurous and need to have high enthusiasm for outdoor activities. As this field requires a lot of practicals and training so the candidate should be prepared for this.

Career opportunities after M.Sc Forestry are

The candidate can give the exam of the Indian Forest Service conducted by UPSC and can work as a forest department officer.

Candidates can also work as

  • Plantation and resort manager
  • Forest products purchasing manager
  • Research and development sector
  • Lecturer/ Professor.

The basic pay of B.Sc Agriculture graduate ranges from INR 5LPA- INR 12LPA. And the salary increases with the increase in experience of the candidate. A Master’s degree plays a vital role in respect to the candidate’s placement in a good company. Agricultural candidates are high in demand in the country as India’s most of population is engaged in the agricultural profession. Agriculture science has brought up new technologies which help in the concerned domain and make it easy for the people working in the field.

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