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B.A Political Science: Bachelor of Arts with Political Science

BA Political Science is a three year regular degree program affiliated to HNB Garhwal Central University. have the potential to find employment in a wide variety of governmental agencies and consulting firms. For those who want to work as a budget analyst, public relations expert or political scientist, exceptional skills in mathematics, statistics and communication are required.

Politics, in its broadest sense, is the activity through which people make, preserve, and amend the general rules under which they live. Treated as a field of social sciences, Political Science is the study of constitution (The Constitution is the highest law of the land) of a country and different political aspects. It involves the study of governmental, non- governmental systems and operations. Accordingly, Political Science often studies the workings of trade unions, corporations or other forms of groups that need not be ‘political’ as far as law and administration one concerned but have similar complexities of governmental procedures. The study of Political Science also concerns international relations, political theories, history, political economy, foreign policies, public administration, Federation, Information Technology and a number of other academic fields. The term ‘Politics’ is applied to a particular social phenomenon as well as a systematic study. Aristotle adapted politics as the title of his famous work, he use the term to indicate a distinct branch of study. The term ‘Politics’ or ‘Political Science’ our subject of study is always concerned with a particular type of human activity. Politics is concerned with the public sector, with Parliament, elections, cabinets and has little relevance to other sphere of human activity.

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  • All students must have passed 10+2 or senior secondary examination with passing marks can join the BA Political Science.

  • The students are generally admitted on the basis of personal interview and written examination conducted by institute.

BA Political Science: Scope

A student pursuing studies in political science can choose a career according to his/her choice. After completing bachelors/masters program in political science, several opportunities are available in both government and private sectors. Politics, public administration, law, and marketing fields are always in need of good political scientists. Political scientists even can opt for campaign management, polling and electoral politics, and university and college teaching. The career prospects in political science have widened enough in the voluntary organization sectors, such as NGOs. The international voluntary organizations, like UNO, have huge scopes for proficient political scientists across the world. Besides, they can join media houses as political journalists and political researchers/analysts. What’s more, they can become members of Parliament or State Legislative Assemblies, or serve various political parties as party president, party member, or activist.

BA Political Science: Job Prospects
A political scientist conducts surveys, analyses election results, interview relevant individuals and scrutinise available documentation. Some even attend legal proceedings and observe public events. Other tasks include:

  • Consulting work with governmental officials.
  • Identifying, researching, analysing and advocating public issues.
  • Preparing reports and documents.
  • Writing articles for publications in the newspapers, magazines and journals.
  • Advisors to the constitutional posts as the President, the Governor etc.

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