BFIT, Dehradun: Awarded with “Better India Education awards, 2018″

“BFIT Group of Institution, Dehradun” Awarded with “Better India Education awards, 2018” in Today Research and Ratings (TRR) Network Private limited organized by India’s leading research and rating agency.

These awards are conferred upon to acknowledge and applaud the achievements and the work done by institutions and individuals in improving the quality of education, and thereby continuously working towards making of a better India.

TRR Network Private Limited is the best, top-rated, and full-service research and rating agency specializing in both qualitative and quantitative research across a wide range of sectors.

We aspire BFIT for providing top-class education in all the sectors with student’s satisfaction and abiding by ethical standards.

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Choose the best college for doing M.Sc in Microbiology in India!

best college for doing M.Sc in Microbiology - BFITdoon Dehradun

Microbiology is a branch of science which deals in the study of microorganisms. There are various universities and colleges in India which are providing the master of science courses. If you want to pursue the M.Sc in Microbiology, then you should opt for the best college.

Pick the perfect college for M.Sc in Microbiology:

Among the numerous colleges that providing master courses, BFIT Dehradun has become the topmost college. This college offers the best education at an affordable fee. This college provides so many facilities by which you can take the admission in this college such as the staff of BFIT are supportive.

They are well-educated and experienced and provide you the best guidance to complete your course with finesse. With well-structured microbiology lab, you will learn the new technology and it will help you complete your research work.

Why BFIT is better:

The main thing which makes this college the best are advanced resources and its fee structure. This college is easy to reach and the environment is good. Students will not feel any discomfort here.

Research and lab work:

In BFIT, there are many labs for the various subjects to provide the practical knowledge for the students. Each lab is furnished with the latest machinery and equipment. This college provides the sophisticated instruments to the students so that students can successfully complete their project through advanced technology.


If you think innovative and love to research, then M.Sc in Microbiology is a perfect choice. If you did graduation from a B.Sc Microbiology, then do not move on the MBA, just go for M.Sc.

If you are worried about the budget then don’t worry about it as there are many institutes available which provide education at low cost. And, BFIT is one of those which provide education at minimum fees with advanced learning technology.

Therefore, to pick the BFIT for post graduation course is a perfect choice. Without any second thought, you can take the admission in this college.

How affordable BFIT Fees than FRI and Dolphin

How BFIT is Better than FRI and Dolphin

BFIT, the best college in Dehradun which was established under the aegis of Kartar Educational & cultural societies in 2002. The institutions which are running under the BFIT affiliated to HNBGU (UGC Approved university). The campus of BFIT is affiliated by AICTE that runs under the Uttarakhand technical university.

Why should we choose BFIT?

1) Supporting Staff: One of the best things that make BFIT special is its Fee Structure and well-supported and experienced teaching staff. The staff of BFIT is friendly as they support all the students who come from diverse backgrounds.

2. Easy to reach: This college is located right at the heart of Dehradun. It is situated in Suddhowala, which is the center of attraction of the city and it is easily reachable from the bus and railway stations. Indian Military Academy within a few kilometers to the campus.

What makes BFIT exclusive:

This college is the best in terms of infrastructure and facilities. If you are planning to take admission in this college then your choice is the best as you will learn so many new things.

Entrance exam:

There is no entrance exam here, you can directly take admission in this college. The only thing is that you have to fulfill the criteria of this college. If you have interest in a specific branch like electronics, computer science and so on then you can opt this college.


As this college is incorporated by HNBGU so, it follows all the guidelines of HNBGU syllabus. It covers all the subject according to this affiliated university. If there is any amendment then it is totally based on the norms of the university. You can check all course-wise syllabus like – syllabus for bsc food technologies, bsc agri, mba, mca, bba, bca, bsc forestry, msc forestry, bsc geology, bsc microbiology, bsc horticulture and more others…

Fee Structure:

In general, it is affordable than FRI and Dolphin. It would cost less than as compared to these colleges. BFIT college provides all the facilities with good learning environment at minimum cost . It focuses on the quality instead of money. That’s why those students who can’t bear the fee structure of expensive colleges, they can opt this college without any second thought. You can check all course-wise fee structure like – bsc agri fees, bsc it course fee, bba course fees details, mba fee, mca fee, bca fee, diploma in hotel management fees, polytechnic engineering fees and all other courses…

There are so many postgraduate, graduate and diploma related courses provided by this institute. According to your choice, you can take admission in any of course if you qualify the criteria. The fee structure depends on the course specialization.

If you choose diploma course then its fee structure is less than as compared to graduate and postgraduate course.


Opt BFIT college to learn new things and to save your money as well. If you compare with other institutes like FRI fee structure, Dolphin fee for all under graduate, post graduate and other courses then you will get some idea how economical it is. This is the best college which provides all the facilities including hostel, transportation, an advanced learning lab and so on.

Enroll In BA In Mass Communication For Bright Career Opportunity

Candidates who wish to pursue their career in mass communication can appear for BA in mass communication. There are a huge number of mass communication colleges in Dehradun that offers BA degree or MA in mass communication both in English and Hindi journalism.

In today’s time, mass communication has turned out to be among the fastest growing courses all across the globe. Long gone are the days when several students went for engineering and medical courses. These days, BA in mass communication has turned out to be one of the vital career options among the youth. Undoubtedly, mass communication is playing a major role in keeping the correct face of the society in front of people. As a result, the demand for mass communication graduates has increased to a great extent. In case, you are planning to do BA in mass communication, you will come across several mass communication colleges in Dehradun which offers full-time and part-time courses in mass communication.

What You Get To Learn In BA In Mass Communication

When you enroll in the top college of Dehradun to get a degree of BA in mass communication, you will get exposed to a wide range of topics depending on the mass communication college you select.

• In the first year, you will be introduced to a wide range of research and theories analyzing the role of media in society.

• During the second and third year, the modules will go deeper and train regarding the media’s impact on war, politics, feminism, sport and many others.

• Various media and communications degrees also cover the method utilized for making documentaries, radio technology, films and many more.

• There are several courses that also include dissertation in final year.

What Courses To Study For Enrolling In BA In Mass Communication

• Aspirants who are wishing to pursue their career in mass communication need to pass their senior secondary examination and possess good communication skills.

• Admission to distinct courses are done on the basis of marks achieved in the qualifying examinations.

• Minimum qualification for BA in mass communication is 10+2. And, for MA in mass communication, you must possess a bachelor degree in mass communication or relevant area.

• There are some universities and colleges in Dehradun that admit candidates on the basis of marks achieved in class 12th followed by a face to face interview.

Apart from this, there are various colleges in Dehradun that conduct their own entrance examination and consider the marks scored by the candidate for admission.

In A Nutshell

To sum up, BA in mass communication has a huge scope as you are not just restricted to news and journalism. In fact, you also get the option of going into film direction, radio jockey, acting, creative writing and many more. These areas of entertainment are equally rewarding and offer an impressive growth. A degree in BA in mass communication from the top college in Dehradun trains you with analytical ability and verbal skills. So, go ahead and enroll in BA/MA in mass communication and lead to a bright future.

Reap The Benefits Of Enrolling In Agriculture College In Dehradun

B.Sc in agriculture is an undergraduate course done in the sector of agriculture. Unlike any other B.Sc courses, this graduate program is of four year tenure. This is mainly because the program is treated as professional degree course as per the rules of Government Of India. With the growing focus on agricultural practices all across the globe, the demand for proficient people in this sector is also growing. This in turn had led to the increase in number of several Government agriculture colleges in India. In simpler terms, agriculture employs almost half of the Indian population. Hence, the trend for courses in agriculture has been on a continuous rise among aspirants.

In most of the agriculture college in Dehradun, B.Sc in agriculture degree is full-time course and numerous institution also offer it as a distant learning option. B.Sc in agriculture is basically the study of agricultural science and learn the usage of advanced scientific techniques and equipment in agriculture, water resource management, land surveying, animal & poultry management, soil science and basics of biotechnology and many more.

The major motive of this course is to utilize the concepts for training students to enhance agricultural productivity. The syllabus comprises subjects like plant biochemistry, study of pests and crops, water management engineering and many others. The syllabus is created with the aim to offer a complete knowledge of agriculture and its related disciplines.

Qualification Needed

The common eligibility criteria for getting admission in B.Sc in Agricultural Science is that the student must complete their 10+2 or equivalent in science subjects scoring at least 50% marks. Tenure of the course is 4 years and admission to most of the agriculture college in Dehradun is based on performance or merit in entrance examination conducted by varied institutes or organizations.

Vital Skills For B.Sc Agricultural Degree

If any student wants to pursue agriculture research or become scientists, then they need to be passionate about agriculture sector before pursuing the course. However, there are some skills required to complete the course successfully and make a bright future in this arena. Such qualities include:

  • Good concentration level.
  • Research aptitude.
  • Efficient communication.
  • Presentation skills.
  • Awesome patience and physical stamina.

Ending Notes

To sum up, there is immense career opportunities in this sector. The field of agriculture is leading to the job opportunities in this arena. Starting right from farming to taking produce to consumers, there are various types of industries playing a major role in this sector. As a result, candidates pursuing B.Sc in agriculture can explore numerous job perspectives with such organizations. So, what to wait for! Go ahead and enroll today to lead a successful life.